What Casio model does Piqué wear live in the Kings League?

“You traded a Rolex for a Casio” has become one of the phrases of the year -rivaling with “a Ferrari for a Twingo” or “women don’t cry, women bill”- and the most talked about song is to blame. analyzed the musical history of Shakira. Just a few days ago, the Colombian took a session with the most famous producer of the moment, Bizarre, and since then there is no corner of the planet where the hit has not been heard – it has already reached world number 1 on Spotify and has a record number of views on YouTube. Such is the noise generated that the protagonist of the beef, Pique, it has not taken long to respond in their own wayappearing in the straight from the Kings League with a Casio on the wrist. What model is it and how much does it cost?

The Casio del Piqué, the family classic

Not even in his wildest dreams did Casio imagine such a stir with his brand. Bizarrap’s 53rd session has been quite a revolution for having Shakira as the protagonist and the singer has not disappointed at all, releasing during the 3:33 minutes that lasts all the bile that she had saved towards her ex-husband Gerard Piqué. Among the reproaches she makes to him is the metaphor that she changed a Rolex for a Casio, undoubtedly one of the most lapidary and incendiary phrases in her song and one that has gone viral in recent days since its premiere.

So much so that the reaction of the ex-soccer player has not been long in coming and with that sense of humor that characterizes him –To Caesar what is Caesar’s– has appeared on a Kings League broadcast with a Casio on his wrist. In case you don’t know, the kings league It is the 7 football league, created by the Blaugrana, which can be seen on Twitch and which with each passing day acquires more and more notoriety to the point that it already handles numbers of up to one million three hundred thousand viewers -which is said to be soon .

Piqué wearing a Casio watch on his wrist

And before such an audience, Piqué appeared wearing a Casio at the same time that he distributed watches among his colleagues on the air and announced that the famous and legendary brand had become a new sponsor of the aforementioned league. As for the specific model that the Catalan wears, judging by the images, it is the A158WA-1CR, possibly the most recognizable and popular of the catalog and with a quite affordable price, of only 39 euro on Amazon.

The Casio has a stopwatch, timer and multiple alarm, in addition to being able to withstand splashes of water and has a link strap that you can modify to fit the wrist according to your tastes. Also in the broadcast the same model could be seen in gold. You can access this link to see it “live” (from minute 16).

Bizarrap’s song, number 1 in the world

The numbers that Bizarrap’s 53rd session has reached are going to be hard to beat in future hits from the producer. The fame of the Argentine together with that of Shakira and all the commotion around the singer’s divorce with the ex-soccer player has created the perfect breeding ground for the song to be currently number 1 in the world in Spotify and has managed to accumulate in just its first day more than 50 million views on Youtube -At the time of writing these lines, four days after its premiere, it accumulates 123 million. Crazy.

His lyrics have led to all kinds of searches on Twitter, ranging from the Twingo model from Renault to Casio, also being terms that have become a trending topic on social networks.

A true raisin phenomenon of which there are already memes and parodies, proving that this is going long. If the song already has you tired… patience. You’re going to need it.

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