What comics is George RR Martin going to release alongside Marvel?

Wild Cards, an alternate universe after World War II

The novel Wild Cards

In fact, Wild Cards is not a work of George RR Martin, but is his publisher, along with the writer of the original stories, Melinda M. Snodgrass, who, in collaboration with Victor Milanbegan publishing in the late 1980s.

These novels, which are still being published today, have been written by various authors and extending a very particular world.

Wild Cards it is an uchrony (an alternative universe, based on the real story, but born of events that have not occurred in this one). In it we find ourselves, mainly, in a post-World War II United States.

The series narrates the story of those who contracted the virus wild cardsof extraterrestrial origin and that rewrites the DNA and mutates the survivors of the illness.

However, the consequences are not the same for everyone. Those who have sequelae that make them repulsive or incapacitated are known as jokerswhile those who gain superhuman abilities are known as Aces (Aces).

There are also others in between those extremes, with lesser powers and called deuces (Deuces).

The series of books, in fact, had already seen how they acquired their rights in 2018 to make a series, or rather, several interconnected series that, apparently, follow their production by the platform of streaming peacockafter spending some time in development by Hulu.

Marvel’s Wild Cards, with Paul Cornell and Mike Hawthorne

Marvel's original Wild Cards

The truth is that the series fits perfectly with Marvel because, Basically, we find a world of superheroes, very themed with the theme of the cards.

Marvel’s first comic book series will be based on the original novel by Wild Cards and will be scripted by Paul Cornell, accompanied by art by Mike Hawthorne.

subtitled as The Drawing of Cardsthe truth is It is not exactly the first time that Marvel has made comics of this franchise: The publisher already released a four-issue limited series in 1990 under its Epic label.

We’ll see how things turn out. At the moment, Martin seems to enjoy anything else more than writing. Game of Thrones and frankly he deserves it after everything he has already given us fans. He has nothing to prove, nor does he owe anything to the usual four who do not stop yelling at him and have not contributed an iota. In fact, some of us have already made peace with the fact that we may not see the end of our favorite books and we thank you for the time you have put us through.

That said, I haven’t entirely given up hope either.

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