What differences are there between the G and C ranges of LG Smart TVs?

The high-end tvs from lg It is made up of two different series that came to light in 2020 with the LG CX and LG GX televisions. A couple of years have passed since then, and LG has been improving these two series separately. And, although at first we could see few differences between the two, today we can highlight a few interesting differences between the two models of the Korean brand.

Support and anchors

One of the big differences between these two series is the how to mount tv. Those of the C range have a central support that allows you to place the Smart TV on a table. It also has the typical VESA anchor behind it in case you want to place it on the wall.

In parallel, the G range is oriented directly to wall mounting. Its design is slimmer, and there is no base. To install it, we must buy a correct anchor for our living room. There are ways to install them without anchoring them -LG has its own base that is what you will see in stores and fairs-, but it is not ideal.

Panel size and prices

lg g2 oled 97.

TVs LG C2 OLED current part of the 42 inchesand are also sold with 48, 55, 65, 77 and 83-inch diagonals. The models LG G2 OLED start from a higher step, since the cheapest model has a panel of 55 inches. After this model, the jumps are identical to those just mentioned in the C2, with the exception that, after the 83-inch model, there is a G2 model of 97 inches.

This is also noticeable in the price. In equal inches, the ‘Gallery’ range —that is, G2 models—are considerably more expensive.

quality and shine

lg oled g2

These two sections have also been distancing themselves over the generations. While in previous generations both models sported a virtually identical panel, the 2022 OLED Evo models show some differences.

The LG C2 offers 10% more brightness than the C1 it replaces. However, the G2 shines 30% brighter than the G1. So, the G2 wins again in this sectionas it is the model that performs best in very well lit environments.


sound lg g2 c2 oled

Both ranges offer quality sound, with support for multiple technologies such as Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby AC-4.

The Models C2 have a system 2.2 40 watt. However, the televisions G2 they go a step further, and go to a configuration 4.2 60 watt. In practice, LG G2 Smart TVs offer a much more realistic and in-depth experience.

Design and materials

lg oled g2 bezels

The two top-of-the-range models from LG have also differed on this point since their inception. LG CX televisions and their respective evolutions aim to home. On the other hand, the variants of the LG GX are slimmer, and pursue the design above all.

In this aspect, although the Gallery models look more aesthetic, everything will depend on our tastes and what we are willing to spend on one television or another.

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