What do critics say about the new The Batman?

batman arrives in Spanish theaters tomorrow, Friday, March 4, at which time we can finally see the new interpretation of the classic character from the DC comics with Matt Reeves at the helm and, as usual, the first impressions come from the hand of specialized critics, which depending on the nature of each premiere, usually offers us interesting clues about what we are going to find later in theaters. And how do you think these first evaluations have gone?

The movie is very liked

Why are we going to hide any longer something that is evident when we take a look at the pages of the main American media that already have been able to enjoy batmanwhere you can read comparisons that will surely hurt the unconditional fans of what is, so far, the best Batman movie of all time: The dark knightby Christopher Nolan and with Christian Bale in front of the character.

In some cases, the US media go so far as to describe the action scenes as batman as even better than the ones in the 2008 movie, which is already saying a lot. So much so that in nyc magazineBilge Ebiri believes that «a [Matt] Reeves loves these apocalyptic settings and delights in stories that sit on the moral razor’s edge of typical superhero storytelling. He has bequeathed us a Batman in which he himself wants to believe, Not to mention a Batman who is comfortable in the present day.”

The background of all the criticisms mention an old dilemma that we have been dragging since The dark knightWhen the time comes, the Gotham authorities wonder if Batman is the hero they need or the one they deserve. Here, it’s Leah Greenblatt from Entertainment Weekly the one that reminds us that on batman we will walk the razor’s edge of that dilemma again: «It corresponds to the Batman […] of Pattinson being the hero we need or deserve.” Which of the two will prevail?

Two greats applaud her

On Variety, one of the reference publications in Hollywood, Peter Debruge wonders what is Matt Reeves’ strategy with this film. And the answer will delight fans of the character: «be darker than Dark Knightdeadlier than No Time to Die and longer than dunes» with an «independent and serious» film. And it is that for the magazine «relying on these elements does not automatically mean that the public will adopt Reeves’ vision. But this almost three-hour film noir, with a brutal pace, is among the best of the genre […] because what makes […] is so cool is his willingness to dismantle and interrogate the very concept of what a superhero is.”

Lastly, David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporterbelieves that “batman it’s a haunting genre piece in which the trappings of caped superheroes, Batmobiles, and cool gadgets fold into the grimy noir textures of a perfectly conceived detective story. Directed with magnetic intensity and starring Robert Pattinson as a dark knight with daddy issues, this ambitious new take is grounded in a contemporary reality where institutional mistrust and politics spawn unhinged surveillance.”

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