What do I need to be able to use NVIDIA GeForce Now on my PC?

Largely thanks to the internet connections we have, the platforms and programs available today, and the hardware of our PCs, we can play in multiple ways. One of the most widespread ways lately to spend our leisure time playing on the computer is thanks to NVIDIA GeForce Now.

However, at this point there are still some users who do not know very well what we are talking about in these lines. It is precisely for this reason that we will now talk about what this service from the popular graphics manufacturer is all about, and what you need to use it. The first thing we should keep in mind at this point is that when we talk about GeForce NOW we are referring to a NVDIA service for game streaming in real time based on the cloud.

In addition, we can benefit from it from all kinds of devices and operating systems, both desktop and mobile. This includes Windows, macOS or Android. as you can imagine for all this the first thing we are going to need is have a user account on the platform in order to benefit from all its advantages. We must bear in mind that in NVIDIA GeForce Now we find an extensive store of games that allow us to stream from our library.

NVIDIA GeForce Now interface

But that’s not all, since at the same time from it we have the possibility of enjoying our favorite games, all through the cloud. Therefore and as you can imagine, another of the requirements here will be have a good internet connection. In addition, in order to have the best experience, it is advisable to have a good bandwidth and of one reliable and seamless connection.

Recommended requirements to use NVIDIA GeForce Now

It is interesting to know that, when working in the cloud, we save games remotely to resume them at any time and device. To be able to subscribe and enjoy all of this, the first thing we must do is access its official website from any compatible browser. Of course, to be able to enjoy the games from this platform, we must first buy them, unless they are free titles, which also exist. It is worth knowing that we have an extensive library of video games here.

As far as the Internet connection necessary, it is required at least 15 Mb/s at 720p resolution at 60FPS. The figure amounts to 25 Mb/s if we use a resolution of 1080p at 60 FPS. As you can imagine, the most recommended thing is to use an Ethernet cable connection. On the other hand, and if we focus on the hardware, most of the current mice and keyboards are supported with NVIDIA GeForce Now, as well as many of the usual game controllers.

Surely many of you are wondering what the minimum hardware requirements are to be able to enjoy the games here comfortably. Well, we will also describe them below:

  • Processor Intel or AMD dual core at least 2.0 GHz.
  • 4 gigabytes of memory RAM.
  • DirectX 11 or higher versions.
  • NVIDIA GeForce 600 series GPU or later, AMD Radeon HD 3000 series or later, or Intel HD Graphics 2000 series or later.

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