What do I need to have a verified account on Instagram and Facebook?

One of the reasons why social networks have become the best way to share any type of content it is due to its gratuity, a gratuity that little by little is disappearing. Although it is true that we can continue using them without having to pay, it is becoming more and more difficult to get an impact on them if we do not pay.

A few weeks ago, the Meta group (WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, among others), officially presented the Meta subscription, a subscription system that, like Twitter, allows users who check out to obtain a series of benefits additions in addition to receiving priority technical assistance In addition to appearing in the top positions when searching for people on both platforms.

Just as Twitter’s new verification system is already available, the Meta group has also begun offering its own, a system that is currently limited to the United States, New Zealand and Australia, but will gradually expand. to the rest of the countries where Mark Zuckerberg’s company has a presence.

Requirements to have a verified account on Instagram and Facebook

Anyone older than 18 years-old You can contract the system of verified accounts of Instagram and Facebook. It is only necessary to make the request through its website by providing a document that identifies that it is us, such as the national identity document or the tax identification card.

How much does it count?

Both private users and companies and government accounts can request verified accounts independently and each one has a price of $11.99 per month if we carry out the management directly from the website or $14.99 if we do it through the application (for the commission that both Apple and Google pocket).

Goal Subscription

Advantages of verified Meta accounts

The main advantage of the verified accounts of the Meta group is that the platform guarantees that no other account will be able to impersonate the real identity of the account. It provides continuous monitoring of the account and some kind of problem arises with the account, subscribers will have access to Instagram and Facebook staff through a simple phone callwithout having to send emails and wait.

Each month, all Meta subscribers have access to exclusive stickers that can be used on both platforms. They also receive 100 credit stars that allow account owners to monetize their live streams using Facebook Coins. So that other users know that it is a real and verified accountnext to the profile image, the corresponding blue tick will be displayed.

When will it be available in Spain?

As I mentioned above, the target group verification system is only available in the United States, New Zealand and Australia. If you want to receive a notification when this new function is available in Spain, we just have to go through the following link and sign up using your account data.

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