What do I need to use the Raspberry Pi as a media center?

Whether as a complement to our desktop PC, or as an independent device, many users opt for the use of a raspberry pi. One of the most striking sections that we find in this small PC is the extensive functionality and modes of use that we can give it.

The first thing to consider is what we expect the Raspberry Pi to do for us. This is a computer that is sometimes used as a server. P2P downloads, What storage device, it can also take the form of a retro console, or a multimedia center. It is precisely in this last mode of operation that we mentioned that we want to focus on these.

And it is that on many occasions we acquire a Raspberry Pi to act as the nerve center for the reproduction of all kinds of multimedia content. Elements such as videos or music come into play here. In this way, we can connect the mini board to our Smart TV and thus enjoy these files that we commented on. But for all this we are going to need some previous preparation of the team. This is precisely what we want to talk about next. We are referring to what we are going to need to turn our Raspberry Pi into a fully functional multimedia center.

Well then, once we have made this decision, to use the device as a media center what we have to choose is the operating system. Keep in mind that we can choose various software with these characteristics to install on a Raspberry Pi. However, only a few chosen precisely for this type of task.

Turn your Raspberry Pi into a multimedia center

Among the options available for the type of use that we are commenting on now, perhaps one of the most attractive Linux distributions in this regard is LibreELEC. The first thing we should know is that here we find one of the easiest Linux distros to use. To this we can add that its main purpose is to convert the equipment in which we install it into a multimedia center. This is precisely what interests us in this case.


What makes it so special is that inside it all we are going to find is the Linux Kernel itself, Systemd and the Kodi software. It is more than likely that most of you know this open source program, Kodi. This is because the software is one of the most representative in the multimedia sector. That is precisely why many of those who want turn a raspberry pi into a media center, opt for install LibreELEC.

And it is that once we have installed, in a quite simple and intuitive way, the distribution on the device, when starting it we will find the interface of the aforementioned program. From that moment on we will have no choice but to start add our content libraries music, video, photos, television channels, etc. Thus, due to all that has been said, there is no doubt that this choice in the form of an operating system is the most attractive to turn a Raspberry Pi into a multimedia center.

kodi interface

From there we can already connect the corresponding devices if we want to use them additionally as some speakers, a screen, Smart TV, etc.

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