What do we expect from iOS 16.4?

Apple will release the final version of iOS 16.4 in a few weeks, sometime when spring has already started. There is no exact date yet, so it seems unlikely that it will be during the last week of March, so we can rather think about April, or at the most May, although this last option seems a bit late at the moment. , given that the beta version of it has already reached the developers.

By its publication date, it is likely to be the penultimate version of iOS 16 to add new features, and that the finishing touch in this sense corresponds to iOS 16.5, perhaps with a later version specifically dedicated to correcting problems of various kinds. Thus, iOS 16.4 will bring us what will be part of the latest news that will debut with the operating system presented at WWDC 2022 and that reached users together with the iPhone 14.

As has happened on previous occasions, not everything Apple told us in June came with the first version of iOS 16. For example, some of the security improvements we saw in iOS 16.3 had already been announced previously, and some had even previously reached a market, but with this update they finally expanded to the rest of the world. This is one of the reasons why, after leaving a certain margin of safety (because of possible failures and so on), it is advisable to update to the most recent versions.

Still, of course, it is not possible to jump to iOS 16.4, unless you are a developer and want to try it, but lor that we do already know are the main novelties that we will find in iOS 16.4 when, when spring arrives, it can be seen on our mobile phones. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at them:

new emoji

Emojis have become, for many users, an essential element in their textual communications. From expressing our state of mind to proposing a plan, these small images are already part of our daily communication, which is why new designs are added from time to time.

This time we will find a trembling face, a pink heart, a light blue heart, a donkey, an elk, a goose, a wing, a jellyfish, a hyacinth, a pea pod, ginger, a flute, some maracas, a black bird and several more. You can see all the new designs on Emojipedia.

Push notifications for the web

Until now, the ability to display push notifications on the iPhone was limited to apps, as well as the operating system itself. However, with the arrival of iOS 16.4 now the websites will also be able to show this type of notifications to the user, whenever he wishes, of course. For this, yes, it will be essential to use Safari.

Access menu to beta versions

iOS 16.4 (and later, of course) is going to make access to future beta versions of the operating system much easier. Until now, the process to test them was more complex but, from now on, it will be enough to use a selector in the OS update menu to make the jump from stable version to test version. This menu will allow access to both public and developer betas, but at this point it is important to clarify that Apple will soon introduce a change that will make it much more difficult, if not impossible, to access the latter if you are not registered in the program of company developers.

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