What do we expect from the iPhone 14 and what news will it really have

There are still 9 months to go until the launch of the iPhone 14 if everything follows the same usual roadmap. However, it is never too soon to conspire about him or them, since they point to being several. If we add to these wishes the leaks that we have known, we raise the expectation to the maximum of what, surely, will be the flagship of the apple brand in this 2022.

The idyllic iPhone 14 that we would all like

While it is true that each one has their own personal tastes and preferences, at The Bitten Apple we have started to think about what would be the most TOP features for these next iPhone, regardless of whether they are fulfilled or not and whether they sound more or less realistic. In the same way, we have taken into account the opinions expressed by users on social networks and forums during these years and we are left with several outstanding features that, hopefully, will end up arriving:

  • Final goodbye to the notch or that it is at least reduced in an even greater way than what we have seen in the iPhone 13.
  • larger battery and not so much in the ‘Pro Max’ models that already more than comply, but in the normal and standard ‘Pro’ range.
  • Greater fast charging and that, despite its risks, it can satisfy an emergency and manage to charge the device in record time in a few minutes.
  • 120hz for allceasing to be a distinction for the ‘Pro’ models.
  • Touch ID on the screen and without this serving to overshadow Face ID, being able to keep both recognition systems on the device.

touch id rendering iphone 13

  • More colors to choose from in the ‘Pro’ beyond the novel color that they present as they have done every year.
  • mmWave antenna worldwide, since currently the lack of infrastructure for this 5G connectivity means that the company only sells iPhone with this antenna in the United States.
  • USB-C leaving Lightning behind and not so much to universalize the connector, but to allow better data transfer speeds.
  • Camera improvements such as a larger and better optical zoom, cinematic mode for slow motion or an ultra wide angle for the front camera.

News that has leaked

Obviously, wishes do not always come true and although we still have several months of leaks and the final confirmation from Apple, we already have a series of features on the table. All of them have been agreed upon by several expert analysts in this type of prediction and, at least for now, they seem to be the most true characteristics of these next iPhone 14:

  • four devices divided again into standard range and ‘Pro’, but this time without ‘mini’. There would be two “normal” 6.1 and 6.7-inch models and then the already classic ‘Pro’ and ‘Pro Max’ with identical sizes.
  • chip A15, a reality that despite not being confirmed is evident by the evolution of Apple’s chipset. In fact, it could release a new and even more minuscule size.
  • without notch, at least on the ‘Pro’ models. Although there is still the question of whether they will integrate the camera sensors in a hole in the screen, in one in the form of a pill or a combination of both as the most recent renders already suggest.
render iphone 14

Renders of the possible redesigns of the front for the iPhone 14 Pro

  • Without Touch IDdespite the fact that it has been rumored for several years and it seems that the company does not want to return to the fingerprint detector on its iPhone, still giving prominence to facial unlocking.
  • Design without physical shocksthat is, that the camera module would not protrude and would be flush with the chassis.
  • circular buttons to control the volume that, together with the flat edges that we already know, would be very reminiscent of the already mythical iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.
  • Camera improvements obtaining higher resolutions with 48 Mpx lenses, which would leave behind the 12 Mpx currently mounted.
  • Without SIM traythus favoring the use of digital cards, although it is not yet clear if it will be for this year or if it will be committed to it in 2023.

And yes, there are more rumors surrounding these devices. In the same way that more will appear and some of those mentioned here could be discarded. However, we have tried to collect the most outstanding and that seems to be more reliable. In the end, as always happens, we will have no choice but to continue colluding and wait for that “Good morning” with which Tim Cook, CEO of the company, welcomes the event in which they are definitively presented.

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