What do we hope to see at this afternoon’s event?

In a few hours we will have Tim Cook online speaking at the event this afternoon, about the benefits of Apple and all that the company is capable of achieving and what it has already achieved. It will name us the achievements and will show us what awaits Apple users for the remainder of the year and part of the next. As is already known, we will see the new iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch. But other news are expected. Let’s see which ones, all together.

iPhone 13 safe at this afternoon’s event

The iPhone 13 will be the star of this afternoon’s event. It is the flagship of Apple and it will surely be presented with all the paraphernalia that is expected. Rumors suggest that this it will be an ‘S’ year on four different models with a smaller Notch. Pro models will feature ProMotion technology with 120Hz refresh rate support. The new camera sensors will be enhanced with the much brighter ultra wide angle. Portrait mode will come to video recording. Some analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloomberg also reported that Apple will bring the satellite capabilities of the iPhone 13, albeit by 2022.

Apple Watch series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 concept

The product that is likely to change the most is the Apple Watch Series 7. During this afternoon’s event, Apple will introduce the next-generation Apple Watch in a design of flat edge and new sizes: 41mm and 45mm. Unfortunately, rumors indicated that the company will not introduce new sensors this year, which will be, at least, for the Apple Watch Series 8. New straps are expected, especially since the rumor was launched that the previous ones would not be valid with the new watches. In addition, as the latest rumor, it is expected that there will be no delays in its release on the markets as it initially seemed safe.

AirPods 3

AirPods 3

The AirPods 3 can finally be announced this afternoon. Rumors suggest that they will look a lot like the AirPods Pro but without the interchangeable ear pads. It is also rumored that the AirPods 3 will not have active noise cancellation or transparency mode. Although not everything will be bad, I want to say that being almost like the Pro but without the features that make them Pro, they will come with a charging case with 20% more capacity and wirelessly as standard.

So far what we believe will be yes or yes. Now what we hope will also come:

Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio

It is a feature that we already have in action. But apple will take advantage of that event to sell us even more if possible the benefits of these characteristics. They will explain the technology behind it and how it is implemented in compatible devices. We will be amazed by the way it works and the way it works in AirPods, but we must not forget that it is a feature that has been running in other brands for many years.

New MagSafe accessories

MagSafe iPhone 12 Battery

Apple could also introduce new MagSafe accessories. The company’s filings to the FCC reveal a revised MagSafe charger ahead of the iPhone 13 event, which may indicate an update to the company’s MagSafe accessory line in conjunction with the new iPhone. In July, a rumor suggested that the iPhone 13 will feature a stronger range of magnets for MagSafe technology. This could mean we’ll see some sort of updated MagSafe accessories that will take advantage of the new magnets on the iPhone 13 models.

Complete sale of all colors on iMac

The latest of the rumors about this afternoon’s event is the one released by Mak Gurman of Blomberg. He states that Apple will announce the company’s ability to sell each and every color in which the new iMac was launched in physical stores. There were in particular three colors that Apple would only sell through the Web. The yellow, orange and purple iMac will be available for viewing in Apple stores.

New iPad Models

We have left for last place the rumor that the company may introduce new iPads. A new iPad mini and an iPad. It is a rumor that has arrived little and in a very weak way. It is likely to present itself, but you have the same chance of not.

The good thing is that We are already a few hours from the start of the event this afternoon and therefore we will leave doubts. But keep in mind that the iPhone and the Apple Watch go hand in hand.

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