What do we know about Project Spartacus, the next PlayStation?

It seems that the rumors have intensified in recent days around what has been called as project spartacus, which is nothing other than Sony’s Game Pass for PlayStation. Although from what we are learning, the truth is that the differences with what Microsoft offers for its machines seem insurmountable because of how the Japanese approach this new service.

What will Project Spartacus be?

As you all know, what is hidden behind that code name is nothing more than Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Game Pass. The battle of the story when it comes to video game subscriptions seems to be on the side of Xbox and PlayStation does not want to be left behind, so a new way to access a complete library of titles that will cover not only those of the current generation, but also those of the previous ones.

It is what Sony poses as a service with different levels of access and depending on what we pay, we will be able to enjoy more or less games. For example, for the first of all we will only have access to the benefits of PlayStation Plus (demos and a couple of games or three for free). For the second level, things would be expanded with a catalog of PS4 releases and (according to sources) in the near future, also PS5; and finally, an extra level, the most complete, which would include all of the above plus a good number of installable or cloud titles from previous Sony consoles, such as PS3, PSP, PS2 and PSX.

A big difference with Game Pass

If we analyze each one of the options that this Project Spartacus by sony, we are missing something that is crucial in Microsoft’s Game Pass model, how are the news first party since the first day. While those from Redmond are going to include everything they do from their main studios (343 Industries, The Initiative, Bethesda, etc.), Sony at the moment does not seem willing to give up the piece of cake that the sales of its exclusive games represent, leaving as an alternative option, the fact that at some point they end up including them, but without mentioning specific number of months or years.

This makes Project Spartacus practically the same as what we have now, only renamed differently and segmented with the same options, such as PlayStation Plus, the collection of PS4 games for PS5 and PlayStation Nowthe service that allows us to play with a large part of the history of titles released for Japanese consoles over the last 25 years, both in installable format and in the cloud.

And when do you think it will arrive? From Bloomberg they have given an approximate date for the moment in which the Japanese will reveal all the details of this service: this week. It will be in the next few days when we will definitively know the name, prices and the different subscription options as well as the games that we can access from our consoles.

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