What do we know about the great villain of Moon Knight?

with the series Moon Knight about to be released, details about some important plot points remain unknown. However, we do know something relevant: who is the villain of the season, which is none other than Arthur Harrow.

A name that even the most comic book fans It didn’t sound like much to them and with good reason. We tell you everything that is known about him, as well as the important differences with the Arthur Harrow of the comics, or the strangeness of the decision to use him as the main antagonist.

Who is the Arthur Harrow of the Moon Knight series

Although the important points of the plot of the series have not been revealed, the name of the villain we do know and is played by actor Ethan Hawke.

Harrow’s role in the series is not yet entirely clear, but the actor himself has given details and this is what is known.

The evil is a religious fanatic and leader of a sect. As can be seen in the photograph that we have put above, with an Ethan Hawke surrounded by faithful. These seem to have a great devotion to him and want to touch him at least, giving the character a messianic character.

In the series, Harrow sees the hero Moon Knight What an obstacle for his goal of «Healing the world»According to the magazine Empire. Similarly, the villain encourages Moon Knight to embrace your inner darkness.

Let us remember that, from what we have seen so far, history seems to insist on the origins of Moon Knight and his inner struggle with multiple personality disorders and even the origin of his powers, through the god Khonshu.

Ethan Hawke states that, for the preparation of the role, was inspired by cult leader David Koreshwho barricaded himself with his followers during the siege of Waco (United States) in 1993. This ended very badly, when dozens of cultists and law enforcement officers were injured or killedincluding Koresh himself, who was shot dead.

In addition, he says he is also inspired by the psychiatrist Carl Jung, Fidel Castro, the Dalai Lama and the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. There is nothing.

How the Arthur Harrow of the series differs from that of the comics

Arthur Harrow in the comics

The truth is that the choice of Harrow surprised many fans, because he is a villain who appears in a single issue of 1985 and he is never seen again.

Also, that Harrow It is very different from the seriesbecause he is a renowned researcher, even with a Nobel, but who began his experiments on pain in Nazi concentration camps.

The villain escapes at the end of the number, but the truth is that he does not appear again… until now, in the series and with little resemblance beyond the name.

We will finally see if any more details of the villain from the comics are taken, or if he has the name of Harrow, but nuances of other villains from the stories of Moon Knight. For now, we will have the answer in March.

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