What do we know about the iPad Air 2022? Features, prices and more

With the new year already started, there are several Apple products that are in the trigger. In fact, we have a good string of leaks about what some of them would be like, with the iPad Air 2022 being one of the most interesting. And it is that, the fifth generation of this range, would arrive at the end of this year after a 2020 in which it had no renewal.

More reliable rumors about the new iPad Air

As we always say, rumors are rumors and in the end there is nothing official until Apple itself announces it. In any case, and in view of what happened in previous years, we have relied on leaks from different sources and that not only are reliable, but have been repeated by numerous analysts, thus giving greater credit.

And first of all it is related to the design, section in which they are expected slight cosmetic changes after the great renovation that the ‘Air’ range underwent in 2020. It is expected that the front frames will be slightly reduced and the screen will leave the 10.9 inches to be 11 like the smaller ‘Pro’ models. Precisely this would mount a OLED panel, something that has been seen based on the movements that have arisen in Apple’s screen providers (Samsung, BOE, LG…).

ipad air 2020

At the performance level we would have the A16 Bionic chip as a differential element with respect to the previous model that mounts the A14. This, which would also be the new chip of the iPhone 14, would guarantee a greater power in the tablet that, despite this, would not reach the level of the M1 that the iPad Pro range has. In this regard, we should add the 5G technology which until now is exclusive precisely to that aforementioned ‘Pro’ and ‘mini’ range.

Beyond this, no major changes are expected beyond a possible improvement in the frontal camera, not only at the resolution level, but also with functions such as the centered framing that all Apple tablets already have. In the same way, in the rear camera There could be improvements such as a TrueTone flash, although there is also talk of a possible dual lens and LiDAR sensor, which seems unlikely because they are more functions aimed at the higher range.

When and at what price would we see it in the market?

Starting with the second and, except for a capital surprise, no price increases expected. Therefore, this new iPad Air could continue starting from the 649 euros like the current generation. Regarding when there are more doubts about an exact date, but everything indicates that it will be between September and October.

These are the dates when Apple is renewing its ‘non-Pro’ iPad ranges in recent years and it would be very well fitted in a special event together with the iPhone, with which it would share a chip and other novelties. Considering that this event is in the ninth month of the year, it could even be launched that same. However, we remember that already in 2020 it was presented in September and it took several weeks to be launched. Be that as it may, it is the last quarter of 2022 the definitive one for this device.

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