What does a quality monitor bring to a hybrid work scenario?

Although there are still many challenges ahead,The companies are already redesigning workspaces to fit the new normal that is hybrid work. A transformation in which it is necessary to tackle many fronts. From the deployment of infrastructure or systems to support the model to the tools or hardware used. Sections all of them important and that must be complemented to get the most out of it.

However, there is one especially important one that is often not given enough attention. It is the case of the monitors. These fulfill an essential function when it comes to managing tasks and being more productive. A hardware that can bring enormous benefits to teleworkers and by extension, to businesses that know how to select the right model. We see some of the benefits:


Perhaps it is the most obvious and palpable advantage for businesses that always need an ROI for any investment. And it is that the use of monitors in hybrid workspaces supposes a substantial improvement in productivity.

This benefit becomes a palpable reality when we see studies that conclude that 56% of professionals who work at home and admit to being productive you have a monitor larger than 24 inches or a dual setup.

And it is that the resolution of the screen, the size or the format can be crucial when it comes to carrying out professional tasks quickly and resolutely.


A monitor is not only a screen on which to view what is being managed on a computer, but also a peripheral full of possibilities. With the addition of cameras and microphones to the panels or the use of connectivity, monitors can be a versatile source for the different environments in which employees move.

Thus, the monitor is one more asset to ensure that virtual meetings look good, an external unit can be quickly connected to the computer in which to take the documents to work from the company to work, or vice versa, or better quality is achieved visual by adjusting the values ​​of the panel, depending on the light coming through the window, for example.


Another of the decisive points to get an employee who performs to the maximum. And it is that an employee who uses ergonomic technology is a more productive, motivated and efficient employee. And in that aspect the monitor is key.

Monitors for hybrid work allow the necessary mobility to adjust the parameters in height, inclination, color temperature or brightness, among others, to the needs of each circumstance.

In this section, moreover, the refresh rate of professional monitors is a core value. If the refresh rate is low, it is likely that we will have the impression that our monitor “flickers” (it is known as flickering), which throughout a working day can become really uncomfortable, increasing our feeling of tiredness, eyestrain and headaches.


Caring for the environment has fully entered the agendas of companies and should be one more point to take into account when it comes to having technology. In this sense, monitors can be one more tool to achieve sustainable hybrid work.

Many models already include suspension when the equipment is not in use, key for those workers who go away for a few hours to eat or answer calls, or low consumption modes that reduce energy consumption. In this way, with an adequate selection we can also contribute to a slightly greener world.

A challenge, an opportunity

Despite all the advantages mentioned, a study by Forrester and Dell indicates that only 35% of jobs Shared currently has an external monitor. A clear symptom of the challenge that arises for the distribution channel and the commercial possibilities that can be covered.

Not in vain, the monitor business has a healthy ascendancy due precisely to the impulse of hybrid work. So much so that this niche accounted for one of the largest sales growth in 2021. Specifically, and according to figures from Context, the monitor market in Spain grew by 19.6%, leaving behind other segments such as licenses or software. .

The current scenario that companies live in and the technological needs that employees have speak to us precisely in the report that we have been mentioning to you. To learn more about hybrid work, you just have to download it for free. Do not miss it!

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