What does an NVIDIA RTX A4000 do in a mining RIG?

Popular wisdom and logic tells us that mining cryptocurrencies with graphics cards is closely associated, on the one hand, with the cost of energy and, on the other, with the cost of infrastructure. This has made cheap, compared to their peers, gaming graphics cards the most sought after. That is why it is surprising to see the NVIDIA RTX A4000 in mining. What is happening?

It is no secret that mining farms are a very lucrative business today. The problem is that they need graphics cards to make them work and these are becoming more and more scarce. At the same time, while gaming graphics cards are in short supply, the professional ranges seem to be piling up in the warehouses of different manufacturers.

The so-called mining bubble has not yet burst and the logical response on the part of manufacturers seems to be to reduce their profitability by increasing consumption. While the NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti has just been released, miners are eyeing another graphics card. The RTX A4000, a movement that honestly a few months ago we would not have believed possible. Let’s see, therefore, the details of this peculiar movement.

This is the RIG for mining based on the NVIDIA RTX A4000

The fact that a professional graphics card is used for mining is surprising to say the least, since the market price of these completely eliminates the profitability for said task. However, their high price for both gaming and mining makes them the ones with the least demand of all. However, it seems that it has been decided to mount several mining RIGs using 8 NVIDIA RTX A4000 in each of them. It is a graphics card whose recommended retail price on the market right now is $1,000, compared to $500 for the RTX 3070, which uses the same graphics chip.

The provider of all the graphics cards for the miner as you can see in the image is GIGABYTE and it obtains for each RIG a performance of 500 MH/s on average. We must bear in mind that these graphics cards are not designed to work at high clock speeds, but to be in operation for as long as possible. The reason is that they are not only intended for workstations, but also for shared servers for cloud computing and content creation.

Performance Mining RTX A4000

The reason why a professional graphics card like the RTX A4000 is used for mining defies logic, but it has an explanation and it is none other than the lack of inventory added to the continuous rise in prices of gaming graphics cards has led to the claim even these cards. At the same time, the manufacturers of this type of hardware have seen the opportunity to get rid of the excess stock, especially now when the RTX 40 with its gaming and professional ranges are approaching.

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