What does good customer service mean for consumers?

The Customer Support is one of the key points to take into account in companies, especially in the ecommerce. So much so that, according to a study by, a company specializing in conversational commerce, a bad experience could prevent 3 out of 4 Spaniards from buying again in a certain store.

In order for their experience to be good, Spanish customers ask above all that two aspects are met: efficiency and speed. And it is that the data reveals that good customer service would encourage 97.2% of Spaniards to repeat purchases in that store, while 96% would be encouraged to recommend it to their contacts.

The most normal thing is that the client contacts this department, in case some type of incident has arisen in their purchase. This is how it manifests 73.4% of Spaniards, according to the study. When making these contacts, almost half (49%) of Spaniards choose the most immediate online channels such as WhatsApp, social networks or web chat. In general, consumer support teams in general, but they still have room for improvement. The study indicates that Spaniards give these services a score of 6.8.

“When it comes to resolving an incident with an online purchase, we Spaniards need the process to be fast and effective,” points Pablo de Mier PrietoCountry Manager of Spain at, who adds: “This explains why more and more of us are opting for more everyday channels in our daily lives such as WhatsApp, social networks or web chat, since they offer an immediacy that cannot compete with other channels such as the telephone or the e-mail”.

To help the companies in the retail sector To deliver the best customer experience, offers many different types of conversational solutions, including voice bots, chatbots, conversational AI, and all-in-one software solutions. They are scalable and automated services, easy to implement and without code. In addition, it makes a guide available to the sector so that they can get the most profitability from their e-commerce.

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