What does it mean to launch Final Cut Pro for iPad?

All users who love video editing have received with absolute joy the legacy of one of the best video editors in the world for iPad, especially because of its great synchronization and compatibility with your Mac, which considerably improves the way we have to work with both devices, but, What does its arrival really mean for the iPad? Let’s analyze it below.

iPad coming of age

The iPad has been one of the products with the largest market share in the segment, dominating quarter after quarter and year after year with an iron fist. However, within the Apple ecosystem, it has always been said “the iPad is a big-screen iPhone.”

final cut pro ipad

The arrival of iPadOS was a big jump in quality, because people were able to start using the iPad in a more professional way, becoming a device for all types of users. However, with the advent of final cut prothe iPad has reached its definitive maturity, not only because of the arrival of one of the best software in the world, but also because it will allow us to exploit all the benefits that previously were not fully extracted, such as the first and second generation Apple Silicon , the RAM, the Apple Pencil and above all, its screen, which is a real delight.

Greater integration between Mac and iPad

The synchronization and the ease of working jointly on Final Cut Pro projects between iPad and Mac allow synchronization hitherto unknown, because it would mean using professional software on both operating systems.

final cut ipad pro

The integration between both applications is observed in the possibility of being able to share project from Mac to iPad and vice versa, allowing you to work in mobility and then give them the finishing touches on the Mac or iPad.

To all this, it is important to note that Mac users will not have problems adapting to the new interface for iPad, due to their great resemblance between the two. Finally, the arrival of Final Cut Pro on the iPad allows you to work in a fluid with other applications.

The professionalization of the iPad

The impact for Final Cut Pro for iPad could mean opening New markets for the iPad because many professionals and semi-professionals would have access to this great application.

The mobility that a iPad along with its hardware It now allows editors to edit high-quality videos on the move, giving a new range of possibilities for independent professionals who work with several clients.

Final Cut on Mac

Its arrival means that many professionals are going to start working on the iPad in a much more professional and constant because they have the software means to get the most out of the Apple tablet and not just for generic productivity tasks.

Finally, launching an iPad version is a Apple’s competitive advantage Compared to its direct competitors such as DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere Pro. In addition, it opens a new range in Apple’s development and innovation, since the possible third-generation Apple Pencil will have much more advanced functions, as well as improvements in its panel.

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