What does Jony Ive work on after leaving Apple?

Ive is known for having made some of the most important designs for Apple, such as the iPod or the iPad, but in 2019, after some problems within the company, he decided to change his professional course and leave Apple and his professional life changed completely. We tell you what he does now in this post.

Although he had been at Apple for 27 years, after the death of Steve Jobs, I’ve started to not feel comfortable in the company. Despite the fact that he was one of the fundamental pieces of Apple’s growth during the 2000s, during his last years he had some problems, especially with the design of the Apple Watch. It was a turning point for the designer, that he decided to leave what had been his workplace for the last decades.

Several years, Jony works at his own company called LoveFrom., along with his friend Marc Newson, responsible for several spectacular designs. The two have collaborated in the past. A clear example is that Marc was hired by Apple when Jony was still there to collaborate on the design of the Apple Watch. Undoubtedly, this is a good pair of designers who, having come together to create a company, will always have clients who want to hire them. In fact, Apple itself requested the services of the company to create some designs.

This is how Jony Ive’s professional life has changed

On June 27, 2019 announced that he would leave Apple at the end of the year after twenty-seven years to start his own creative business called LoveFrom in 2020. That same year it was announced that Ive would, through LoveFrom, start a relationship with Airbnb taking on a whole new generation of products and services for that company.

To this design company, created together with his friend Marc Newson, only two clients are known to him. The first, as we have mentioned before, is the AirBnB technology platform. The other is Ferrari. Or, rather, Exor, as pointed out in the statement published in September 2021, in which John Elkann, president of the holding company and Ferrari, affirms that this alliance will take shape in different Exor projects in the luxury sector. “Shortly after LoveFrom was founded we started talking to Jony and Marc about the possibility of combining their world-famous creativity with our own,” he explains. In turn, in a joint communication, Ive and Newson declare themselves “owners and collectors of Ferrari vehicles”, as well as friends of Elkann for years.

jon and marc

One of the main challenges of this union is to try to design an electric Ferrari, whose launch year is estimated to be 2025. The announcement of this alliance is part of the redefinition process that Ferrari is carrying out, and which was reflected in a fashion show organized by the Italian brand, held at the corporate headquarters in Maranello. It’s certainly surprising that a company like Ferrari would hold fashion shows and want to create electric cars, but all brands need to innovate, and there was no better way to do that than by hiring two of the best designers in the world.

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