What does the critic say about the Dune de Villeneuve with Timothée Chalamet?

Dune: Villeneuve’s great blockbuster

Take charge of making a story like that of Dune It is not an easy task. Villeneuve’s new proposal is preceded by several attempts that never came to fruition: from canceled films to series of doubtful success, it seems that no one is able to hit the mark when it comes to shaping the planet Arrakis on the big screen.

That undoubtedly makes the desire to see this new movie capitalize. Denis Villeneuve, one of the most special and talented directors that exists in the current scene, has been made with a majestic budget, has hired a distribution luxury and has put all the meat on the grill to turn Dune in one of those great movie epic stories.

Will it succeed? At the moment we have a latest preview available that suggests that it is and a good collection of reviews from expert people that makes us think that this film will at least give a lot to talk about.

Dune’s critiques

The Venice Festival has been the presentation framework chosen for the launch of Dune. After a delay of practically a year due to the pandemic, the ambitious film has finally been seen at the great Italian cinema event to the delight of the specialized press.

Thanks to this, we can now know what the experts think about the film (without spoilers, of course) and thus open our mouths for the month of October. Broadly speaking, it could be said that the film is visually pristine. Villeneuve has recreated the universe of Frank Herbert at a level of detail without discussion and the huge budget behind it is palpable. The cast is up to the task and it seems that part of the approach to the plot as well … however, at some point it deflates or does not finish encompassing, as necessary, many nuances of the society in which the characters live.

This is what some media think:

Variety: “Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation has a majestic vastness, and most of it makes sense, but it is an act of building a new world that runs out of narrative steam. […] “Dune” is a movie that deserves five stars for the construction of its world and about two and a half for how it tells the story. “

The Hollywood Reporter: “Perhaps the biggest problem with Dune, however, is that this is only the first part, with the second film in pre-production. That means much of what we’re seeing feels like a laborious setup for a movie hopefully more exciting to come: the boring homework before the juicy things start to happen.

Digital Spy: «There is much to admire in Dune: Part One, especially in terms of the impressive construction of the world and the excellent cast. However, you keep thinking about how good the second part will be, instead of being totally satisfied with this movie. Hopefully this is not our only visit to Arrakis.

Entertainment Weekly: «Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi epic is impressive and a bit maddening. […] The sheer wonder of Villeneuve’s execution often obscures the fact that the plot is primarily a prologue: a sprawling origin story with no fixed beginning or end. ‘

Alejandro G. Calvo (Sensacine): «DUNE by Denis Villeneuve is one of the most categorical auteur blockbusters I have ever seen. A totemic sci-fi show, immeasurable, and at the same time tremendously intense and unsettling. It runs over you without regard. Villeneuve is in control, not you.

Did you expect these opinions? Has your hype for the movie or not?

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