What does the green dot mean on Instagram?

What is the green point of Instagram

Instagram is one of the social networks with more users from all over the world, since it allows you to share photos, videos, to which you can add any number of filters and emojis. However, not everyone knows every detail about this social media, and in this post we will tell you What does the green dot mean on Instagram.

For several months, Instagram users they began to notice a green dot that was not there before. It appears in various sections when you log into the app, so it must mean something.

In fact, this green point Has several meanings, and each of them will be for a specific section. Next we will explain its functions.

connection status

In its first versions, Instagram informed you about the connection of your followers through the message «active now«. This was superseded by the famous Green Dot, which will appear on the profile of the person who is using Instagram at that precise moment.

Shares the same functionality and design that the employee in Facebook Messenger, Another widely used app. Basically, you will see if someone is active, and you will see if that specific user follows you back.

On the other hand, the accounts you follow on Instagram They will be able to see if you are connected. In turn, there is an additional function that not many know, and that is that even if you do not follow anyone, you can see the status who you’ve interacted with through Instagram Direct, in the form of a chat

However, if you have disabled the option for users to see your online status, no one will be able to do it. Likewise, those who have deactivated said function in their accounts They won’t be able to tell if you’re connected either. at the time.

If you want to hide your online status, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to your profile.
  • Then, tap on “Options”.
  • You will see several options, and you will have to select the one that indicates “Activity status”.
  • In this section, you will notice 2 different options, “Show activity status” and “Show activity in the chat”.
  • Disable the one that says “Show activity status” if you don’t want users to see your online status.

Remember that by disabling this function, you won’t see either when other people are online on Instagram. And if you want to deactivate the “Show activity in the chat” option, you just have to follow the same instructions.

Instagram Green Dot

After deactivating both functions, you will not appear as “Available” to any of your followers, and the green dot will not appear in your chats, so no one will notice that you check your profile or that of others.

The green dot in the stories

Continuing our post about what does the green dot mean on instagram, you should be aware of another of its uses. this green dot can be seen in the states that are uploaded to the social network.

In the same way, when you make sure that someone is connected in the chats of the app, you can do it in their stories. In this case, the green dot in the stories will indicate that the user uses the application but it is not in the direct chats exchanged messages.

maybe that person check your profile, or stories of other users. What is certain is that he is active on Instagram. Besides, you should also consider that said green dot it will not appear in the stories of the people with whom you have not exchanged any private messages in the past.

Additional features on Instagram

In addition to the green dot and its function of indicating that at a precise moment If any user is active on Instagram, you will also have new functions such as «active yesterday” and “active ago«.

mobile instagram

Both functions will be indicative of the amount of time that you or another user has outside of Instagram. That being the case, you’ll have a better idea of ​​how long it’s been since someone entered their Instagram profile, which will be very useful when you need to communicate with another person and you don’t know if he ignores you or hasn’t really connected.

Of course, each of the functions mentioned, they will disappear once you disable your activity status in the chat. Many appreciate that this type of function has been incorporated, since they will not feel pressured to answer if you don’t want to.

See the green dot of other users on Instagram

now that you know what does the green dot mean on instagram, you will be able to find out which people use Instagram. You just have to follow the instructions below:

  • On Instagram, search for the user you want.
  • If you are online, the green dot will appear next to your profile photo.
  • In your direct message inbox, you will notice the user’s recent status, which will inform you whether it has been active a few minutes or hours ago.
  • When you open a chat you can also see activity, such as in the camera.

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