What formats does KeePass use to import and export my passwords?

We could affirm that the use of this type of applications that serve as password managers It hasn’t stopped growing for years. The main reason for this is obvious, and it is that these security elements are increasing in number and their complexity should be greater. In addition, experts recommend that personal keys they must be complex, robust and never repeat them. All these recommendations are very useful, but they have the drawback that they make it very difficult for us to memorize them.

That is precisely where the password managers that we refer to here come into play with a clear example in the aforementioned KeePass. This is one of the most popular proposals of this type and for which many users opt. Apart from all the functionalities that each of these proposals to manage passwords offers us, their internal workings are usually quite similar. In reality, most managers are responsible for creating an internal database in which our passwords are gradually stored.

keeppass interface

The usual thing is that this database that we mentioned is protected by a skeleton key that only we know and that we must not forget. At the same time, all the passwords stored here are encrypted with some security method integrated into the application itself.

File types to use to export passwords in KeePass

In the same way, these programs usually have functions to export and import these databases what we told you. All this makes it much easier for us both to migrate from another alternative to KeepPass, for example, as well as moving from it to any other similar software. Of course, we must bear in mind that these applications usually support a certain type of file both to import and export data of this type.

Precisely the formats supported by KeePass, is what we want to talk about in the next few lines. In this way we will not have problems to start using this proposal or to migrate from it to another. Evidently all this trying to maintain all the stored passwords over time. To give you an idea of ​​all this, these are the compatible formats for import passwords to KeePass.

To all this we can add that this proposal is compatible with many other programs that also work as password managers. Therefore, we will have the possibility of importing this personal data from most of the alternatives that exist today. Thus, if we want export our password database to another program, from here we can create files in the following formats:

Of course, depending on the type of file that we choose for both import and export, the internal format of the saved data will change. In addition, in these processes we can find certain small errors that we will have to correct manually reviewing all our passwords.

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