What functions should we change before we start using Edge

Keep in mind that the browser, the search giant, has been among us for a long time leading a market that does not stop growing. In addition, after the resounding failure of the first version of Edge that was launched together with Windows 10, many distrust this new revision of the program. However, we must bear in mind that we are facing a completely different application than its first version. In fact, we could say that it is perfectly capable of competing with other more veterans such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Despite the short time it has been with us compared to other alternatives mentioned, it has already made an important gap in the market. Not that it will compete with Chrome anytime soon, but for now it has already overtaken Firefox, which was in second place. This means that little by little users are migrating from other browsers to this proposal, Microsoft’s Edge. It is something that the company has largely achieved thanks to the functions it ships, coupled with the Chromium engine on which it is based.

With everything and with this and to get the most out of this program, those who decide to migrate to it should carry out a series of changes. Actually, we refer to certain parameters that you should configure before starting to work with the browser on a daily basis.

Set up Edge correctly to get more out of it

The first thing we must do in the Microsoft program is set privacy level against the follow-up we want. To do this, we open the application configuration page and go to the section of Privacy, searches and services. Here we find 3 levels where we recommend that you establish it is stricter if you take maximum care of this section. Continuing with this same theme and if we go down a little further down on this page, we configure Edge security.

We tell you this because we will have the possibility of enable Windows Defender SmartScreen to protect us against downloads, something we recommend. The same goes for the Potentially Unwanted Application Protection feature. Changing third from the section called Profiles, you can also take more advantage of the browser if you enter our Microsoft account credentials. In this way you will have the possibility of working in a synchronized and optimal way with all the firm’s services.

When it comes to appearance and functionality, we also recommend setting a default theme and downloading the add-ons you want to use. It is also important that we place ourselves in the section of downloads where we can activate the selector Ask me what to do with each download. This way we will be able to control much better the disk or folder locations where we will save everything we download from the internet from here. Also, in the event that you have children or minors who are going to use this same browser, you should take a look and configure the section of Child protection.

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