What games are coming to GeForce NOW in November?

The list of games supported by GeForce NOW, NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service, is getting bigger and bigger month after month. Already comfortably surpassed the 1,400 titles that can be played on the platform, the technology does not take its foot off the accelerator, making the milestone of 1,500 ever closer, which at the current rate will take quite a while to reach. They are not all that are, but without a doubt they are all that are… and every day there are more.

Let us remember that GeForce NOW is the NVIDIA service that allows you to play from multiple types of devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions, etc.) to those titles compatible with it that you have purchased in one of the main digital stores. A perfect formula, because in this way the game will always be your property, and you will be able to play it locally on your PC whenever you want. But you’ll also be able to enjoy it on those other devices, even though neither its components nor its features are what it would need to run locally.

This, in addition, also has an application on the PC itself. Either because its technical specifications are below those required by the game (either with its settings to the minimum or the other way around, if you want to enjoy extreme graphics modes for which your computer falls short), if you can normally run it without problems but at that moment you are using it for another task (in the background, of course ) that requires a good part of its processing capacity, etc.

GeForce NOW offers three levels of access. The first one is completely free and allows you to test, in first person, its speed and reliability. Of course, the graphics modes are disabled, the duration of the game sessions is limited and, if many users attend simultaneously, you will probably have to wait a few minutes before you can start playing. However, and as I mentioned before, it is a great option both to try the service and for users who cannot afford to pay for the subscription at higher levels.

Below is the priority account. With a monthly price of 9.99 euros, which in its semi-annual modality translates into 49.99 euros (in other words, you save a month), and as we told you a few days ago, it is still on a special Halloween offer , for only 29.99 euros the first semester. At this level, advanced graphics modes (DLSS, ray tracing, etc.) are available, you have priority access to the service (that is, there is no waiting) and game sessions can last up to six hours.

Y at the top of the range we find the RTX 3080 accounts. These have an exclusive server, equipped with GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards and AMD Threadripper processors, which allow the graphic experience to be scaled to an undeniable level, and that is far from what most home computers can provide. In this case, moreover, each game session can last up to eight hours.

What games are coming to GeForce NOW in November?

Releases on GeForce NOW in November

But hey, surely you are wanting to know what games will be added to the list of compatible titles during this month, right? Well, let’s start with those who do it today. They are the following:

  • Against the Storm (Epic Games and new on Steam)
  • Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch (New on Steam)
  • Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home (New on Steam)
  • The Chant (New on Steam)
  • The Entropy Center (New on Steam)
  • WRC Generations — The FIA ​​WRC Official Game (New on Steam)
  • Filament (Free at Epic Games)
  • PAGUI (Steam)
  • RISK: Global Domination (Steam)
  • Total War: THREE KINGDOMS (Steam)

As you know, Thursday is the day chosen by the company to expand the catalogue, and although the complete list of all those that will be presented this month has not yet been made public, we do have a selection of them as a preview , which shows us that, as I said at the beginning, the foot is still firmly on the accelerator:

  • The Unliving (New to Steam, 7/11)
  • TERRACOTTA (New to Steam and Epic Games, 7/11)
  • A Little to the Left (New to Steam, 8/11)
  • Yum Yum Cookstar (New to Steam, 11/11)
  • Nobody — The Turnaround (New to Steam, 11/17)
  • Goat Simulator 3 (New to Epic Games, 11/17)
  • Evil West (New to Steam, 11/22)
  • Colortone: Remixed (New on Steam, 11/30)
  • Warhammer 40,000: Darktide (New on Steam, 11/30)
  • Heads Will Roll: Downfall (Steam)
  • Guns Gore and Cannoli 2 (Steam)
  • Hidden Through Time (Steam)
  • Cave Blazers (Steam)
  • Railgrade (Epic Games)
  • The Legend of Tianding (Steam)

Complete list of games supported by GeForce NOW.

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