What happened to Seriespepito? All free series on a single website

Seriespepito, was one of the best known both in Spain and in Latin America, a website that allows us to access series via streaming for free and that, in addition, also offered us the possibility of downloading the content. If we wanted to watch movies, the website we had to visit was Peliculaspepito.

Birth of Pepito Series

Seriespepito, like Peliculaspepito were born in the year 2011, when there were already a large number of web pages on the market that offered links to download content protected by copyright and the possibility of viewing it without having to download it. This website was driven by the ads it displayed. But, in addition, it also offered premium accounts that offered a series of advantages when downloading content.


The content available on Seriespepito was available alphabetically. At the top, the letters of the alphabet were displayed that allowed us to quickly access the title we were looking for. This website included a ranking of most watched series and better valued by users, which allowed us to get an idea of ​​which were the most interesting products at that time, when we were not very sure what to watch, a problem that also commonly occurs on Netflix.

He followed the same path as his counterparts

During 2014, the year in which Seriespepito closed, an Intellectual Property Law was approved, a law focused on web pages such as Seriesly, a web that, like Seriespepito, only added links to the content available on the internet. It was, we could say, a kind of content aggregator on a single website to make it easier to find all the content in one place.


Although this new law did not enter into force until January 1, 2015, the owners of Seriespepito and Peliculaspepito were arrested in December 2014, for the reasons contemplated by the new law, a law that, at that time, was not yet in force, so they were not really carrying out any illegal activity. The same day that the owners, whose names have never been released, were arrested, both domains, Seriespepito and Peliculaspepito, stopped working.

Since then, nothing more has been known about the administrators of both websites. Presumably, everything would come to nothing, as happened with Seriesly, although the latter was not clarified until 2021, when the judge ruled that when links to copyright-protected content were shared, they were not violating any law, since this came into force in 2015 and the links were retired in 2014.

Alternatives to Seriespepito

Netflix arrived in Spain in 2015, the same year that the Intellectual Property Law came into force. Seems like it was all a plan pave the way for the arrival of Netflix to Spain. At the end of 2014, most of the web pages that offered links to content protected by copyright disappeared from the panorama and currently, the only option available is still Cuevana, a platform where we can access all kinds of content protected by copyright. author completely free of charge without downloading it.

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