What happened to the lost Horizon Forbidden West mission?

It’s only been ten days since it was released Horizon Forbidden West, one of the most anticipated titles by PS5 fans from PlayStation Studios. And ten days go a long way, even for those who have already thoroughly squeezed the game, miss a mission they would have loved to play.

expectations vs. reality

And it is that not only in the world of video games, but also in the world of cinema, many trailers have generated such expectations, that they have given us a distorted idea of ​​the reality of the movie or video game that we were waiting for. And that seems to be what has happened to many fans of Horizonwho now find that some of the most spectacular scenes from the gameplay trailer of the game from a few months ago are not in the final version that has reached the stores.

No doubt gameplay is the best way to sell all the potential of a game that is in development. In them we see its most spectacular aspect and with levels of graphic quality and action that are difficult to imagine with the games that we have on the market at that time. And that is what happened to Aloy’s followers, who upon meeting the trailer of Forbidden West they imagined a mission that, to the surprise of many, was not going to be seen in the final game.

What has disappeared from Horizon 2?

If you remember, Sony posted a gameplay video of Horizon Forbidden West last May in which it showed what seemed like a mission that we would have to overcome within the game, and that begins with one of the protagonists apparently injured. Aloy asks him to be still and goes on an adventure. Meanwhile, he will discover that another of his allies, Erend, has been captured by a tribe from that forbidden west, so he has to roll up his sleeves to solve everything.

Horizon Forbidden West

The problem is that when all the enemies fall and it seems that everything is going to be solved, a kind of giant elephant/mammoth appears, equipped with all kinds of weapons and that begins to attack us. It is a robotic animal of which there are many scattered throughout Horizon Forbidden West and draws attention to how it moves and the fury when charging. That gameplay, too, shows us some more than interesting weapon of the protagonist, that she is capable of entangling the enemy with a viscous substance to stop her movements.

Well, those who have already completed practically the entire game warn that that mission does not appear in the game, not at least as is, so the idea takes shape that either it was eliminated once it was revealed in the trailer, or it belongs to some DLC that the Guerrilla boys could be working on. Be that as it may, it is clear that for the umpteenth time the companies are once again using those gameplay videos to sell us the bike without seeing that later we gamers want to play the same thing they are showing us. Or did you not stay with that video of the month of May, impatient to have this video as soon as possible? Horizon Forbidden West in your hands?

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