What happens if I use Windows 11 without activating?

The operating system that Microsoft has offered us for decades is actually the most widely used proposal of this type on desktop computers. But we must bear in mind that we are talking about software for which, in one way or another, we will have to pay a license. That is why we will now talk about the inconveniences that we find when use a Windows 11 computer without activating.

As we say, it is a paid software, but Microsoft gives us the possibility of downloading the ISO image from its official website so that we can install it and test it on our computer. This does not mean that we already have an official and active version of the system, since a priori this is a version of it that will serve as a test. This is something that is equally extensible to the most recent version released by Redmond, we refer to Windows 11.

It is true that we can use this downloaded image without activating the Windows system for a long period of time, but with certain drawbacks. This is precisely what we want to talk about next, since on many occasions and if we plan to continue using Windows 11, we are interested in acquiring a license for its activation. This same situation that surely many of you have lived, for more or less time, with Windows 10. Well, the inconveniences and inconveniences that we will find now are very similar to those of the previous version of the operating system without a license.

windows 11 configuration

Problems and annoyances of using Windows 11 without activating

Microsoft is already in charge of trying to convince us in different ways to acquire a license of its system and activate it. In fact, in the latest version of the operating system that we have had at our disposal for a few months, we find ourselves with a series of inconveniences and annoyances within the software itself. These are precisely the ones that we are going to describe below.

  • Watermark present on the desktop: one of the elements present in a Windows 11 without activating and that can be annoying, is a watermark that is placed on the desktop. It makes it clear that we are working on an operating system in which we have not yet introduced the corresponding license.
  • reminder messages: but that’s not all, but also and while we work with our team, messages will appear that will remind us of this fact. These are responsible for notifying us that we must activate windows 11 to enjoy all its features.
  • We can not change the personalization: One of the big problems faced by those who use Windows without activating, is related to the customization of the software. This system offers us a multitude of functions related to this theme, but we will not be able to benefit from them without an active license.
  • Notice in Settings app: There are several sections that are considered fundamental in this operating system. The Settings app is one of them. That is why Microsoft is already in charge of notifying us about the activation of Windows 11 in this usual section. Obviously this can become a nuisance over time.

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