What happens if we mix Red Dead Redemption and The Sims?

As many critics of the entertainment world say, the current video game scene is only about mixing different genres and mechanics to surprise players with something new. When a video game achieves a bit of success, it doesn’t take long for other developers to copy the mechanics and implement them in a different environment. In fact, this aspect is so evident that there is even a video game, Game Dev Tycoon, which consists precisely in mixing video game genres and measuring success. The game that we are going to talk about today is a rather curious cocktail, since it is still a Red Dead Redemption with simulator mechanics like The Sims.

Wild West Dynasty, a most peculiar simulator

A few years ago, Rockstar Games quite surprised us with Red Dead Redemption 2. After his success, he went hand in hand with television series such as Westworld. And since then, quite a few video game developers have realized that the Wild West was not as explored in the world of video games. However, as in Grand Theft Auto, the map of Red Dead Redemption 2 it cannot be manipulated at will. And this is where the boys from Moon Punch Studio They have seen some potential. Wild West Dynasty is a game in which we will manage a cowboy who will have to survive in the Wild West. To do this, he will have to conquer territories and build real estate to create a lasting dynasty. The result seems to be a very crazy fusion between a Red Dead redemption, The Sims and a management game like Tropico.

Wild West Dynasty thus combine the strategy and survival. We will have to design our own camp, build our facilities and maintain our ranches and stables. In addition, we will have to develop our own skill tree to improve our abilities. At first glance, it may seem that the developers of the title have also been inspired by city planning titles such as Cities Skylinesbut Wild West Dynasty You will be more focused on building houses, shops and shelters to combat enemy attacks.

According to its creators, it will be a title of open world with a large extension of land to be able to develop immense games. You will also have a great role componentbecause we will have to complete a series of missions that will be assigned to us, and the decisions we make in each of them will affect the progress of the game.

Is there already a release date?

on paper, Wild West Dynasty is a title very ambitious, and it can become a success if Moon Punch Studio really lives up to expectations. At the moment, the game does not have a release date, although on the Steam website, the release date is set for before the end of this year 2022. If you’re interested, you can add the game to your Steam wishlist and you’ll be notified by email when it’s released or goes into Early Access.

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