What happens if you charge the iPad battery with other chargers

Having doubts about whether the original iPad charger is the best option to charge the tablet battery is very normal. It is the accessory that by default comes in the box and we already anticipate that, obviously, it is the most advisable. Now, can other chargers be used? And, in that case, is it wrong to do so? We look at all of this below.

This is how it affects the use of other chargers

To the question raised at the beginning, we cannot give a short answer. As a general rule, an iPad can recharge its battery with any charger with which it shares standard (Lightning or USB-C). Of course, some could generate some kind of incompatibility and even perform intermittent loads which are generally due to a poor quality of the cable or transformer, which in the end makes it a very inefficient load.

That is why it is advisable to always resort to those known as MFi chargers. These are the acronyms for ‘Made for iPad’ (also applicable to iPhone and iPod), which determine whether they have a certification of authenticity and efficiency when charging. This standard can be found perfectly in non-Apple chargers, so you don’t even need to buy them in Apple stores.

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However, you have to keep in mind that the transformer must have sufficient power as to perform an efficient charge in time. If you charge it with the classic 5w power adapter that comes with the iPhone, it will be able to charge, but it will make it too slow for what it should. The ideal is from 7.5w in the case of iPad with Lightning port and 15-20w in the case of models with USB-C.

Check if it is affecting battery health

One way to see if the charger you are using is efficient when it comes to battery care is to look at how healthy it is. In the iPhone there is an option that marks it from the settings, but the same does not happen in these devices. You will have to resort to other methods to check the deterioration of the iPad battery that can give you more data. In the post to which we link you will find the ways to look at it.

Knowing what wear this component has will help you in the end to determine if the charger you use is the most suitable or not. Therefore, and as a final conclusion to get out of all doubt: flee from excessively cheap prices that do not have the MFi standard, since in addition to not offering the best charge, it could damage the health of the tablet’s battery in a short time.

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