What happens if you install an additional SSD in the PS5 without having support?

The storage with which the Sony PlayStation 5 console comes standard is, clearly, scarce, since of the 825 GB of capacity that its internal custom SSD has, only 664 GB are available for the user to install games And given the disk space that current games occupy, this greatly limits the amount of them that we can have simultaneously before having to delete some to make room for new ones. For this reason, additional storage on consoles has become practically necessary, although Sony has not yet enabled it in its internal socket for NVMe SSDs (yes via USB).

What happens if you install the additional SSD in your PS5?

Expanding the PS5’s storage through its internal M.2 socket is a very straightforward task, as you would essentially just have to remove the side plastic cover and you would already have access to the M.2 socket, ready for that in a future update the firmware of the Sony console supports it. However, at the moment this has not happened despite Sony’s promises, which have turned out to be empty, and they have not updated the firmware to support it at the moment.

However, the fact that Sony does not officially admit it surely does not back off the most seasoned users, who might think that why not try it and see what happens? Before you do, we are going to tell you what happens ourselves: the moment you install a PCIe NVMe SSD in the M.2 socket prepared for it and turn on the console, you will see a screen similar to this one.

Additional PS5 SSD“A module has been installed in the expansion socket”, begins by saying the black screen that appears as soon as you turn on the console, “Turn off your PS5, remove the module and then turn on the console again”, continues, and then shows a countdown indicating that the console will turn off automatically after a few seconds and also showing a button to force the shutdown by hand.

There is no way to get the additional SSD to work … for now

Additional SSD PS5

Unfortunately, as we have taught you at the moment there is no way to make the additional SSD work on the PS5. As the error message shows, the console detects that there is a device installed in the socket but it refuses to even boot (therefore the consequence of installing an SSD in the M.2 socket of the PS5 is that the console will not start and will not start until you uninstall it again), in fact turning off automatically after a few seconds.

In a future update, Sony promised to add support to these expansion units that are clearly so necessary for the console, but until they do the validation process of the units that they consider appropriate (as Microsoft has done with Seagate for the Xbox) and implement their support on the console (so that you can only install the ones that interest them), they will not release the firmware update.

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