What happens if your PC’s TPM chip fails and you’re using Windows 11?

The requirement to use a TPM module for Windows 11 useOn the one hand, mechanisms and structures are necessary to defend users’ private data and keep them as far as possible from malicious agents. On the other hand, the distribution of software through the network of networks requires advanced control systems in order to avoid massive piracy. All of them happen when the user has the TPM module in perfect health inside the computer. Such dependence on the TPM module makes us wonder about the situation in the case of having a PC with Windows 11 installed, but in which by accident or eventuality said hardware fails. Would it really be a catastrophic situation? Let’s see.

If the TPM module breaks, your Windows 11 PC will be able to do less

TPM breaks Windows 11

At the moment, what we will tell you is going to sound exaggerated, but record it by fire, as the number of PCs with TPM modules grow, it will become a indispensable requirement and not only to install Windows, but in everyday things like now:

  • The use of the credit or debit card to buy online.
  • Have up-to-date updates on certain programs.
  • Renewals of certain subscription services.

You may even find that certain programs for its use require continuous checks between the developer’s servers and the TPM module. All this due to the loss of credentials and others sensitive data that are stored in the internal memory of the TPM module, so if it breaks, this information will be lost, so everything that requires it will stop working or will partially.

CPU Security

In other words, you are going to see how everything that requires credentials to be used on a day-to-day basis, you will no longer be able to use it. Luckily in the software you will have the option of using old versions of the programs, but be careful with that, since you may not be able to read the files generated by the newer versions. Another option you have is make the leap to Linux if you think it’s good enough for your day job.

In any case, the TPM module on the motherboard is not soldered and therefore it will be easy for you to replace it with a new one. Let’s not forget the fTPM and the PTT from Intel and AMD that are integrated into their CPUs that allow us to install Windows 11 by making the functionality of the TPM module, at least partially.

Nor do we forget that the adoption of Windows 11 will be slow and the measures to require the TPM in the use of our computers will not be until the end of the years. To finish, it must be taken into account that not all versions of Windows 11 that exist will require the use of a TPM module or equivalent in the hardware, but Microsoft will distribute them only to customers in special markets, and they will not be for the Big audience.

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