What has been the best Batman in history?

The best Batman according to fans

There are several actors who have played Batman throughout history and each one of them gave it a different tone. Some interpreted it in a more relaxed, less serious way and almost to earn the qualification of suitable for all audiences. On the other hand, the later versions of the bat man were much darker and that was the correct one for a large number of fans. Because Gotham City doesn’t need jokes and jokes beyond what the Joker can pull off.

Who is the best Batman in history? According to the survey carried out by IMDB at the time, which is undoubtedly the largest film and TV database on the internet, fans were very clear about the best actor who had played the dark knight.

That vote was carried out through a particular voting system that was matching the different Batman as a knockout. Thus round by round they progressed until the final came the two that many would have said from the beginning: Christopher Bale and Ben Affleck.

Who won? Well, hold on, because you still get a surprise, the winner was not Bale but Affleck. Yes, Ben Affleck’s performance seems to have ended up convincing over time even those who criticized him when it was announced that he would take on the responsibility of playing the DC superhero.

Honestly, Christopher Bale is an outstanding Batman and Nolan’s trilogy helped a lot to establish for many as the best ever. Still, we must admit that Ben Affleck knew how to give his touch to the character and when you examine him calmly, he quite likes it.

The best Batman in history right now?

Until it is released The batman It is clear that if we allow ourselves to be carried away by surveys and evaluations from specialized critics, they will continue to be Christian Bale and Ben Affleck, but we will have to be very attentive to the role of Robert Pattinson.

The actor who we met mainly through the Twilight saga, although he has starred in many more films and some very good ones later, will play Bruce Wayne and attentive to what the trailer lets us see. A very dark tone too, almost tormented and with the need to know himself to understand his place, what he should do and why.

That exploration of a much younger version of Batman It is the one that could end up giving Pattison the title of best Batman, although we will have to wait for the premiere to see if he succeeds or not. Of course, the new film may not only reveal the best Batman in history, it may also reveal the best Enigma and who knows if the best Catwoman and even the best Penguin.

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