What has been your favorite music of the last 6 years? Find out with this Spotify trick

Here we find a huge number of musical themes, complete albums and artists from which we can choose. In addition, we have the possibility to create our own playlists and save them to play them in the future. Spotify offers us several ways to use it, the first of which is free. We also have at our disposal some of subscription payment that offer us many advantages.

For example, we will have total control over the reproduction of content, we can forget about advertising and even download songs locally. But if something characterizes this platform that we are commenting on, it is the wide music availability corresponding to all kinds of genres that it proposes. Hence precisely one of the secrets of its success and wide market penetration. How could it be otherwise, the platform offers us a powerful search engine to find what we want to listen to on Spotify at that moment.

With everything and with it in these lines we want to focus on the past. That is to say, surely on more than one occasion you have wondered what your favorite songs were a few years ago. Well, this is something quite simple since Spotify itself makes these tasks easier for us, as we will see below. Specifically, right now we can take a look at a list of our favorite music over the years. last 6 years.

Take a look at your favorite music years ago

We are going to achieve all this that we are telling you thanks to a functionality that Spotify itself is renewing year after year. Specifically, we are referring to the possibility of obtaining a list with the songs that we liked the most, placed in order over the last few years. To give you an idea, we tell you that you will be able to see first-hand the songs that you listened to the most from the year 2016 to 2021. It is evident that when we finish the present 2022everything indicates that the online music platform will add the current year.

We are going to show you a simple trick that will allow you to take a look at that list in case you are interested, either out of curiosity or for other reasons, in seeing the most played songs on your Spotify account in previous years.

Obviously for all this it is essential that you have an active account on the music platform. For example, to see that list in our favorite music in the year 2021, the first thing we do is authenticate ourselves in the Spotify web version.

Once we have entered our platform access credentials, we only have to enter the following URL in the corresponding browser bar:

If you take a careful look at the exposed addressyou will see that the year to which the list that we now have on the screen refers appears, 2021. Therefore, to obtain the corresponding list of previous years, we only have to change that number for the year that interests us until we reach 2016.

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