what has he done to sneak into the steam bestseller list?

There are games –of which do not occupy the headlines of the specialized media– that arrive and kiss the saint as soon as they set foot on Steam because, for whatever reason, They have managed to connect with users, causing them a hype unbearable that leaves them no choice but to buy it. And that seems to be happening with the latest phenomenon that was officially launched on December 1st: predecessor.

Then you have to maintain the hype

It is true that we have many games in our memory that followed the same path and when they started playing all those who trusted him decided to go to the same place they had come from and give up everything they had spent. In predecessorat least, that amount is not too high because it is a free2play although if we want to get some bundle With selected objects, there are quite discounted alternatives.

And so much so that predecessor It has reached Steam, placing itself in the top 10 in a few hours one of the most sold with its complete version, specifically in the seventh position and very close (in the 12th and 13th) its variants: on the one hand the package of game plus the Rare DLC and on the other the Rare Bundle which includes both of them out of the blue. And of course, who is not going to bite to get different heroes, ingame currencies and items and advantages when we can get everything for just 9.99 euros?

So, if you don’t know what it is predecessorwe are going to give you a few brief brushstrokes in case you are missing one of the names that, surely, will give more to talk about in the month of December and that, for the moment, is in a comfortable phase of early access which, basically, means that we must forgive any bugs it may have before the arrival of the patch that marks its final release.


What is predecessor?

The key to this game is that It mixes two genres that have an inexhaustible source of alternatives in the online competition. On the one hand it is a MOBA, as are the League of Legends either DOTA 2where we take a character with very specific qualities and jump into battle from scratch, gaining experience and configuring their skill tree, and on the other hand, the intensity of the FPS they have, for example, in destiny 2 to one of its most recognized exponents.

It is true that the combination can yield very good results and in the case of this game That has been the main trump card that has decided to play in the face of increasingly fierce competition. within some videogames designed as services that try to survive active for decades, only changing the season and always adding new content to keep the community alive.

It is obvious that on paper predecessor Looks very goodso much so that the reviews on Steam are all “Very Positive”, but everything will depend on what happens in these first weeks of lifeif it manages to connect and engage a community large enough to guarantee its viability for the future.

If you try it, leave us in the comments if you think it will end up succeeding. I hope not?

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