What has HP shown us at CES 2023?

This CES 2023 is giving a lot of itself, with the main technology companies renewing their product catalog, something in which the veteran HP could not be an exception: laptops and desktops for gaming, systems designed for professional environments and for students, Chromebooks , monitors, mice… the list is endless, with many of the most interesting products. We will review them below.

The strong point is found, without a doubt, in reference to portable devices of all types and for all types of uses, with renewals in the Dragonfly, Elite and HP Laptop PC families. The reason for this is as simple as it is convincing, the adoption of the hybrid work profile is already a reality for many professionals who need to be able to work, either in the office or at home, without the fact that changes between one location and another may pose drawbacks. Mobility was already important before, but in the last two years, for well-known reasons, it has become a fundamental need for companies and professionals.

As our colleagues at MuyComputerPRO have already carried out an exhaustive review of all the news aimed at the professional market (don’t miss it, because it is likely that you will find a device that can be adapted to your needs), we are going to focus on the news aimed at to the consumer market, which are not few.

We start with laptops, with the renewal of veterans HP Laptop PCwith 15.6 and 14-inch configurations, in the latter case also with the special ECO edition that has EPEAT Gold registration, the prestigious certification that guarantees that the devices have been designed and produced applying the strictest standards of care for the environment.

In both sizes, we can choose integrated AMD (Ryzen and Athlon) and Intel (Raptor Lake) and, in each case, graphics integrated into the APU (Radeon and Intel Xe), configurations ranging from 4 to 16 gigabytes. of RAM (DDR4 in all models with Intel chips and with the option of DDR4 and DDR5 in computers with AMD) and between 128 gigabytes and one terabyte of NVMe SSD storage (although we also found a configuration with 128 gigabytes UFS in computers with Intel). Also in all cases with screens up to FullHD (1,920 x 1,08o points).

What has HP shown us at CES 2023?

We continue with laptops, but now with the focus on gaming, because this new HP OMEN 17 It is, in its own right, the manufacturer’s top-of-the-range proposal for this market, thanks to its Intel processors up to Core i9-13900HX, next-generation NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics (we still don’t know the specific graphics adapters), up to 32 gigabytes of RAM DDR5 5600 and up to 2 terabytes of PCIe NVMe TLC (4×4) storage. It also stands out for its 17.3-inch screen with QHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 points), which reaches a 240 hertz refresh rate and with a response time of only 3 milliseconds, and the assembly of an opto-mechanical keyboard of high performance.

What has HP shown us at CES 2023?

We continue with the OMEN family, but now we are making the leap to desktop systems, with the systems HP OMEN 20L, 40L and 45L For all models, HP has chosen to integrate Raptor Lake processors, from Intel Core i5-13400 to Core i9-13900K and KF, as well as multiple GeForce RTX 30 and RTX 40 graphics options (from RTX 3050 to RTX 4090, in addition to a GTX 1660 SUPER in the 20L model) and also some AMD options, yes, from the RX 6000 series.

Focusing on performance, all models can be equipped with up to 64 gigabytes of Kingston FURY DDR5-5200 XMP RGB Heatsink RAM and up to two terabytes of NVMe PCIe-4×4 SSD WD Black storage. The 40L and 45L models offer WiFi 6E AX211 (2×2) and Bluetooth 5.3 wireless connectivity, while the 20L model provides WiFi 6 AX 201 (2×2) and Bluetooth® 5. For wired connectivity, all models offer gigabit ethernet.

What has HP shown us at CES 2023?

Another very interesting proposal is found in desktop computers HP All-In-One, with 24 (23.8) and 27-inch models. Again we find a more than wide variety of chips available, both from AMD and Intel, which can go up to a Ryzen 7 7730U and a Core i7-1355U respectively. In both cases, again, HP has opted for integrated graphics in APUs from both manufacturers.

We also find a great variety in terms of RAM memory, which can go from 4 to 32 gigabytes in both sizes and with APUs from both manufacturers, although in the case of Intel we will only have DDR 4, while the models with chip from AMD have DDR 4 and DDR 5 options. For their part, as storage options we find 128, 256, 512 gigabytes and up to one terabyte, in all cases NVMe SSD.

For both sizes, the screens (non-touch) offer FullHD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 points) with an orthodox 16:9 aspect ratio, anti-glare and with a brightness of up to 300 nits. It is accompanied by two 2-watt stereo speakers and a high-resolution HP True Vision 1080p FHD IR camera.

What has HP shown us at CES 2023?

We return to the world of gaming, since HP has also presented two mice and a control of its HyperX brand. The first of the mice is the HyperX Pulsefire Haste 2, evolution of the popular and highly valued Pulsefire Haste, which this time integrates the HyperX 26K sensor that offers a resolution of up to 26,000 dots per inch, with a speed of 650 inches per second and acceleration support of up to 50G. In parallel, he has also presented the HyperX Pulsefire Haste Wirelesswhich, like its own name, differs from the previous one by being wireless.

Also within the brand, we have seen the wired control HyperX Clutch Gladiate Enhanced, a controller compatible with PC and Microsoft Xbox and that, for this purpose, in addition to a design quite similar to that of the Microsoft controller, it also has the same controls as it. With a size of 155 × 110.56 × 64.68 millimeters and a weight of 280 grams, it promises to be an option with excellent value for money.

What has HP shown us at CES 2023?

And we finish this review of everything that HP has shown us (which as you can see is not little, far from it), within the consumer range, during this CES 2023, with a webcam, a mouse and headphones:

  • Webcam HP 620/625 FHD: compatible with Windows Hello, this camera with FullHD resolution is specially designed for video conferences and other types of online meetings. To this end, its software integrates functions such as automatic framing, autofocus and intelligent backlight correction, to avoid unbalanced images in terms of the brightness of the scene.
  • HP Wireless Mouse 710: a mouse designed primarily with mobility in mind. It offers an amazing autonomy of up to 90 days, can be connected via Bluetooth or, with the dongle included, on a 2.4GHz connection.
  • Poly Voyager Free 60 Headphones: although we are talking about headphones, without a doubt the attention of all eyes will be taken by its case, which integrates an OLED screen and acts as a remote control for the headphones, allowing us to answer calls, manage music playback on them with standard controls and check the charging status, among other functions.

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