What have been the most expensive iPhone in history?

The strip of 1,000 that was crossed 4 years ago

There have always been mobiles of all kinds and, consequently at the time that it was lived, the highest-end ones have been increasing in price. We remember the iPhone 3G, the first to officially arrive in Spain, it cost 199 euros in its basic 8 GB version and 299 euros in the 32 GB version. At that time it was an expensive price, but very far from figures such as those used now. If we saw a new iPhone at that price today, they would fly off the shelves.

It was in 2017 with the iPhone X with the first one with which the four-figure line was crossed, costing 1,159 basic euros (which the ‘Pro’ models have inherited). Once that band is passed, we find smartphones that go up and up in price depending on their storage capacity. In this way we see that the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most expensive and not only from now, but from history.

iphone 13 pro max

The brand new smartphone launched last week on the market reaches a whopping number of 1,839 euros. Of course, we insist that it is in its 1 TB version, since the 128 GB one costs 580 euros less. In fact, if we consider only the most basic versions, it would still be the most expensive, although for 1,259 euros.

Other curious facts

In line with that price, we find it curious to see how the aforementioned 1 TB ’13 Pro Max ‘is worth 710 euros more than a MacBook Air. Even if we look at the 128 GB model we see that it is 30 euros more expensive than that laptop, which has a 256 GB SSD. They are two completely different devices, but in the end we find it curious to remember that historical phrase that said that smartphones are a pocket computer. Now they are also more expensive.

If we look again at starting versions in lower possible capacities, the iPhone 13 Pro Max shares that label of the most expensive along with the ‘XS Max’, ’11 Pro Max ‘and ’12 Pro Max’. Those 1,259 euros that cost (or cost) in its most basic versions represent a difference of 1,060 euros with the cheapest, that 8 GB iPhone 3G.

iPhone 3G

If we look only at the devices that Apple sells right now, we can see that the cheapest is the iPhone SE (2020) for 489 euros in its 64 GB version, whose difference in the end with this 128 GB ’13 Pro Max ‘would be 770 euros. Another curious fact that serves to see how much separates the current top-of-the-range Apple devices from the entry model.

Therefore, and as a summary, we can stay with these curious data.

  • Most expensive iPhone ever (general):
    • iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1 TB of storage: 1,839 euros.
  • Most expensive iPhone ever (entry version):
    • iPhone XS Max with 64GB of storage: 1,259 euros
    • iPhone 11 Pro Max with 64GB of storage: 1,259 euros
    • iPhone 12 Pro Max with 128GB of storage: 1,259 euros
    • iPhone 13 Pro Max with 128GB of storage: 1,259 euros
  • Cheapest iPhone ever:
    • iPhone 3G with 8 GB of storage: 199 euros

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