What have been the most reliable PC components in 2021?

Human beings make mistakes, but machines do not do it, they fail and there is nothing worse than buying hardware and finding ourselves unlucky that we have won the lottery for a defective consignment or with a high probability of failure. Are you not interested in knowing which is the most reliable hardware of 2021 and, therefore, the one with the fewest failures?

A very important point in a product is the quality levels, and it is important that they last a long time without giving failures, since if they do not then their brand and manufacturer are negatively affected in the face of the public and this is turns into a huge amount of money wasted.

Let’s not forget that a Guarantee is nothing more than a manufacturer’s commitment that a product works for a certain time and there is a minimum time in which it has to work without problems and not give the user headaches. However, nothing is perfect and there will always be a percentage of the product that will fail, which is understandable, but we find that within each type of product some fail more than others.

What is the most reliable hardware of 2021?

The people Puget Systems have done a study in which comparing different types of hardware it can be seen how the qualities of the server and HEDT environments are much higher than in the home market. This makes sense given the fact that even though margins are higher, having a company as a loyal customer makes much more economic sense than a random user on foot.

If we look at the list of most reliable CPUs we will see how the second generation Intel Xeon have a very low failure rate, not reaching more than 0.33%. This is in stark contrast to the failure rate of the Intel Core 11 where 5.28% of the processors die in the workshop when building the new PC. This can also be explained by the high TDP of Intel’s 11th generation processors.

RAM memory and storage

Reliable DDR4 hardware

We can also see a similar phenomenon between desktop PCs and servers in the case of DDR4, where despite a ridiculous failure rate of 0.9% or in other words, almost one in every thousand modules, we find that the ECC Registered memory has failure rates that are an order of magnitude lower. And without getting out of memory, but in terms of storage we have what are hard drives and solid state drives.

Reliable hardware storage

Here you can see how Samsung becomes the most reliable brand of all in terms of storage, although the failure rate does not even reach 1% it is clear that manufacturers such as Western Digital and Seagate have a long way to improve the quality levels of its hard drives and SSD units to match those of its rival, but let’s not forget that the graph shows the most reliable products on the market being compared to each other.

Power supplies and graphics cards

Reliable Hardware 2001 PSU

Another very important point is the power supplies, and here we find a case similar to the previous one and that is that the two most reliable brands are EVGA and SuperFlower, with the difference that the latter has a much lower failure rate. Again we find the fact that the need for higher levels of quality for continuous use in servers and derived systems helps.

Reliable GPU Hardware

And to finish we have the graphics cards, where we find that the now defunct RTX Quadro have a failure rate of 6.78%, which would explain its withdrawal from the market by NVIDIA and its replacement by the RTX A series of the same company. It is surprising not to see a single AMD product on the list and that the NVIDIA Founders Editions have been more reliable hardware in 2021 than the custom models of the different manufacturers.

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