What if Activision is cheating on Warzone?

Looking for easy games in Warzone

Warzone battle royale

That is the conclusion we can reach after reviewing the investigation carried out by the youtuber Quaisy, a regular Warzone player who decided to analyze all the games played by some of the game’s most prominent streamers, as well as other players with lower profiles.

The result is quite surprising, since as can be seen in the spreadsheet that he has made, apparently, the most influential streamers seem to fall into games where players with a death rate below 1 predominate. That translates into a dominant presence of not too advanced players who turn out to be easy prey for the analyzed streamer. The reason? Apparently take care of the funny image of the game.

In search of success

The secret to the success of some streamers is based simply on their great skills in a certain game. If you are very good at playing while broadcasting, you will gain an audience interested in watching your games, and you will also motivate viewers to try the game. For that reason, suspicions point to Activision making it easy for these players to build community and excitement around Warzone. Who would dare to play a game where you constantly die in a frustrating way?

What is happening?

Warzone Season 3

The assumptions suggest that it is Activision itself that includes certain public profiles in “white lists” so that they can enjoy simpler games that allow them to give a show. This is something completely legal in advertising terms, however, considering that most players in the Warzone community usually go through moments of tension due to the complicated level to which they are subjected, it may not be a mechanism that is going to fall too low. well among the players.

But these are all simple assumptions and there is nothing that can be directly demonstrated other than with the collected data, which could be interpreted in a thousand ways. Therefore, we cannot yet officially speak of a favorable treatment for successful youtubers and streamers, although the data seems to speak for itself. Of course, this mechanism would be completely unlinked (supposedly) from the streamer themselves, who simply limit themselves to starting games on a regular basis.

At the moment Activision has not commented on the matter, but we do not doubt that in the next few days it will launch some type of statement, since the accusations (they are not such, but they are intuited) are quite important and could raise a new wave of protests in the next weeks. And you, do you also feel that your games are extremely difficult? Is matchmaking dead?

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