What if GTA 6 presents its first trailer in November? A rumor assures it

The presentation of GTA 6 in November

The news and rumor account ThatsSoBold released a couple of days ago a publication focused on information related to GTA 6. It is important to mention that this account is mainly focused on music entertainment, so this information would not fit with its themes. Therefore, either we are facing very reliable information that it has not been able to avoid publishing considering its importance, or it has simply been wanted to mark a wake-up call so that more people fall into its account. Be that as it may, be very careful with the information.

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The rumor in question speaks of supposed GTA 6 announcement, something that would occur between November and December with a teaser in the form of trailer which will serve to put an end to speculation, present the first details of the new installment and erase once and for all doubts about the development of the game. The interesting thing is that it is mentioned that the map of this new installment will be inspired by Miami, something that would coincide with the previous rumors that assured that we would return to Vice City.

A giant world in constant evolution

To give you an idea of ​​how big the new map will be, it seems that it would have an extension three times that of GTA V. So, if the Los Santos map already seemed immense, we do not want to imagine how it You will feel this gigantic region that GTA 6 is supposed to offer us.

On the other hand, it is also pointed out that the map will change over time thanks to the updates that Rockstar will release over time, which is nothing more than a way to keep the map content alive and with dynamism, in the same way what Epic Games and Activision do with Fortnite and Warzone respectively.

Finally, other details that are indicated in the rumor point to the presence of hurricanes and alligators on the map, something that would make a lot of sense considering the region and that would fit very well in a new generation game such as this GTA 6 (basically due to hurricanes and weather changes).

With all this information in hand, it would not be unreasonable to think that we would see many of the points covered in GTA 6, however, taking into account the source it will be better to be cautious and not get too excited. Of course, we will have to keep our eyes open from November.

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