What if some of your tweets could only be read by your friends?

Twitter just for friends


This has been shown by Andrew Courter, designer of the company, who through his official account has shown some first sketches of how the function would be implemented. The first images show a drop-down that could have several variants, since a first proposal shows the function that many would expect (if we have Instagram as a reference) since it would be in charge of filtering the audience to which the tweet would be directed.

Thus, we could choose between “Everyone” or “Trusted friends”, so that the tweet to be sent will only reach the friends that we consider to be trusted (after a previous configuration). This, in addition, as Courter himself points out, would allow the timeline to give priority to the tweets of friends, thus helping you not to miss the tweets of the people you care about.


But this filtering would go even further, since another of the ideas they are considering is to create groups according to facets. Imagine that you want to have a more serious profile visible for work, and a more casual and conversational one for your friends and other people. Well, that’s where the facets come into play, some groups in which your tweets will be destined according to your criteria and to which you will give access to your contacts.

If you want a certain user to only see your serious tweets, you will only have to add it to your “Serious” facet, but if on the contrary you want them to see your more casual tweets, you can add it to your “joker” facet. This selection will not be limited to a single facet, since you can define as many facets as you want for each user you want.

Bad vibe outside

Finally, another very interesting function is to be able to create a list of unwanted words, so that we avoid receiving responses that include some of those forbidden words. The idea is none other than to somehow reduce the harassment that users often suffer after receiving many obscene and offensive comments. This way they could have more control of the tweets they receive. This. It won’t prevent the other person from tweeting, but it will help reduce the visibility of the offense by staying deep in the conversation.

All these changes are very interesting, but at the moment they are nothing more than sketches that would have to reach production in some way. We will see if we see these functions active in some test accounts and if it finally reaches the whole world, something that of course we would not mind seeing.

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