what if you haven’t pre-ordered the game?

This weekend we will have the second phase of the open beta of Diablo IV both on PC and on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, and there will be thousands and thousands of players who decide to go around the lands of Sanctuary but, are you going to have some kind of limitation for not having pre-ordered the game? Look here at everything you can get during the three days you have available.

Open beta for everyone

It was last March 17 at 5:00 p.m. when the first phase of the open beta went live, reserved only for those who had already purchased the game in any of its versions, in addition to the guests that Blizzard always has in the media, etc. In this way, the North Americans proved that the game was capable of working without too many errors and that the date of June 6 could be met without embarrassments like that of Starfield of Bethesda.

The fact is that today, March 24, 2023, starting at 5:00 p.m., the Sanctuary gate will open again for any player who wants to download the client from or from any of the Sony and Microsoft digital stores, so an even greater influx is expected in the first moments. And seven days ago, the queues to access the servers reached 90 and 100 minutes without problems… so pay attention to what can happen today.

Now, what does it mean that even if you haven’t pre-ordered the game you can try the beta? Will you be able to keep the progress of your characters when the game comes out? And the rewards? Behold.

Aim well what will happen

Blizzard at this point is quite radical and we are not going to criticize it because it makes perfect sense. None of the characters we create this weekend will stick around. in our account for when Diablo IV comes out and that is why, as a memory of that passage through the beta, it has decided to add the titles of initial dropwhich is acquired upon reaching Kyovashad with any of your characters, and that of early scanwhich is possible to achieve when reaching level 20 with a character.

In this way, when you create the futures char in Diablo IV As of June 6, you will have that differentiating element from the rest of the players, which will indicate that you participated in the beta and reached certain objectives within the first chapter. In the same way it happens with Pack of wolvesthe only cosmetic that Blizzard (image above) has been encouraged to give away and that you can only enjoy it after you buy the game when it hits stores.

That is, you only have to have a linked or PlayStation and Xbox account so that, simply by participating, all these achievements are stored although, yes, there is no trace of the character or characters that you have used for this beta process that we remind you will end on Monday, March 27 at around 8:00 p.m.

Oh, and very important. if you are a Mac user, unfortunately you do not have the beta available not even through the app.

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