What is a digital album and why you should try it

Today, all of us keep thousands of Photographs digital on our computer, due to the ease that the mobile camera gives us. Surely more than once we have thought to order them in some way and we have given up. ( Here we propose an idea: create online photobooks with them.

It is a support where we can have these pieces of our life or of the people we love in order. In the end, it is the natural evolution of traditional physical photo albums that have made the leap to digital. In them you can continue immortalizing pieces of your life.

Features of online photobooks

Unlike traditional paper albums, digital ones open up a world of design possibilities. Although photography is the most important and the ultimate goal of having one of these products, we can add letters, messages, filters, etc. Let’s see some of its functionalities:

  • There are many formats to choose from. Depending on the reason for our digital album, we can accompany it with a structure that keeps something related or completes the story we are telling. There are special designs for weddings, holidays, christenings, etc. We can choose if the photos are or larger, if we add a message or, if you want to make your first steps as a photo editor, you can use all the possibilities offered by the platform, in this sense.
  • Save and share your album. Digital albums can be saved in formats that are compatible with the most popular social networks: facebook, instagram … This way you can send the photos to all the people you want in a simple way.
  • Photo quality: When uploading a photo to your album, the platform will require a certain quality, blurry photos damage the whole and surely you will not be able to add them.
  • Possibility of printing it: One of the great advantages of these products is that you can leave them digitally stored or you can print them, choosing the type of paper, size, etc. Having designed the album yourself, printing it will give it a unique and special touch, perfect for gifts.
  • Dedications and typefaces: We know that there is nothing more personal than a handwritten dedication, but can you imagine putting a famous quote in a typeface that you love? In digital albums it is possible to add comments or stickets funny on each of its leaves.

Any time is a good time to create a digital photo album, and you can keep it for yourself or as a nice gift. Remembering a moment in your life, a special event or a person who has marked you are episodes that not only have to remain in your memory, but to capture it in photos and be able to see it in the future. You can customize everything and print it, so you do not give up the pleasure of passing the printed sheets while you remember those days or people.

In addition, you can choose to print with the hard cover, as if it were a book or use a coated paper, much more elegant, if the content requires it.

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In short, the photo album has been transformed and, in this drift towards digital, it has been reinvented and improved. Without having to give up the pleasure of turning physical pages, you can customize it, remove it and put it on whatever you want before sending it to print.

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