What is a Steelbook, everything you need to know about this luxury format

In fact Steelbook it is also a concept and trademarked term of the Scanavo company. This company is an expert in branding and, above all, packaging, that is, the packaging in which the products we buy come.

Scanavo itself defines its Steelbooks What “Media wrapped in metalยป(Multimedia wrapped in metal).

As a curiosity, the first Steelbook of history was the video game Killzone for PS2.

The first movie in Steelbook on DVD it was Hero by Jet Li and the first Blu-ray was Pan’s Labyrinth in its German version.

What movies and video games come out in Steelbook format

Those of more success, we are not going to fool you. Either because of their passage in theaters or because of their sales on Blu-ray and DVD, the most famous films and the most prominent games usually have edition in Steelbook.

Cyberpunk 2077 SteelbooksWonder woman, Matrix, Marvel movies or video games like Uncharted, Last of us and Cyberpunk 2077 are examples of titles that have version Steelbook. Also select series, such as Game of Thrones, are complete in this format.

This usually comes out after the traditional physical edit. In this way, they take advantage of the fact that fans will buy that first plastic edition and the most fans will do it again with the edition Steelbook deluxe.

In the same way, classics of a lifetime are also usually published in Steelbook. Conan the barbarian is an example of such a movie.

How the Steelbook versions differ from the regular ones

The first difference is obvious. The outer packaging and appearance are Premium compared to plastic wrap.

We are talking about a metal box, often with sculpted relief, in a spectacular format that, as soon as you touch it, already conveys that you are looking at a kind of jewel and not just anything. That makes it possible for you to keep your favorite thing in its most spectacular way.

This connects with the fact of many moviegoers and gamers we are also hopeless collectors. The Steelbook turn our favorite titles into those collectibles that you want to show and see all the time in a prominent place in the house.

Game of Thrones Steelbook

Obviously, the differences with normal Blu-Ray or even DVD editions they are not only external: the editions in Steelbook they usually incorporate extras that are not in other more traditional editions.

What design and content do they have

If Apple taught us anything, it is that the external is as important as the internal when it comes to product and packaging. The first impression is essential and influences the perception of what you buy and its enjoyment. The bitten apple is an example of that product philosophy and what, in part, allows it to sell more expensively.

As well, Steelbook is to carry that same philosophy of luxury to movies and video games. A packed in material premium as is metal, having worked said metal on many occasions, with exclusive reliefs or images.

And of course, the Steelbook they also want that experience of openness and first contact to be special.

Because, usually include physical extras inside the box (some sticker, small poster or brochure, something like that) and also inside the version of the film and the video game (with additional footage or something exclusive to play).

See, for example, the image that illustrates the article at the beginning and how the Blu-ray of John wick contains pieces of merchandising exclusive.

Advantages and disadvantages of Steelbooks

Buying this type of edition has clear advantages but also some drawbacks that you did not have (or maybe you are already imagining). Aim.

What advantages do they have

The benefits of editing Steelbook are clear.

Almost every time exclusive, unpublished and different art is used so that it is well differentiated from the rest of the editions. These images tend to be, on many occasions, more artistic and mature, and can fit as a tasteful decoration in any part of the house.

A perfect example of exclusive art of this kind is the Marvel movie editions in Steelbook, especially the French, who have a beautiful art. Here below you can see two of them.

Marvel Steelboks

The packaging quality is far superior to plastic of the traditional editions, not degrading so easily.

The editions are limited, which means that they become collectors’ items, which could even be revalued within years.

For example, the version Steelbook from the trilogy of The Lord of the rings, in 4K UHD format, it is a true work of art that is already difficult to find and is highly valued. In fact, you better have about 350 euros right now if you want someone to sell it to you.

On top of that, they give a superior tangible experience in a world where movies and video games are no longer yours. Now, you just rent them at streaming in exchange for a monthly fee and, if you stop paying it, everything goes up in smoke. With a Steelbook, you know that your favorite movie will last and will be there forever.

What are the downsides

Lord of the Rings Steelbook

The downside of Steelbooks it is obvious. They’re more expensive than normal editions.

On top of that, sometimes the edit in Steelbook it also does not contain so many exclusive things as to be very worthwhile. Either the box is not very careful and, instead of original art or sculpturing parts of said box in relief, they capture the photograph of the poster of the movie or the game and little else.

So unless we’re talking about your favorite movies and games, it is always convenient to compare what’s new in the version Steelbook

Where to buy Steelbooks?

The Steelbooks you can buy them in the usual online stores. A little walk through Amazon, for example, will reveal that there are many more issues in Steelbook of which you think.

However, as it is likely that many editions are no longer in store and are sold out (being limited series) you will have to resort to sites like Ebay or Wallapop, if you want to find something very specific. There you can usually find a huge number of movies and video games in Steelbook secondhand.

As you can see, there is much more history behind the Steelbooks than it seems and, if you are a cinephile and gamer, always take a look at this edition, lest you miss your favorite jewel.

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