What is an RSIM and how does it work on an iPhone?

Install an RSIM on your iPhone

not everyone knows what is an RSIM, and you probably don’t know the meaning behind this word. Do not worry, since in this post we will talk in detail about a RSIM, and we will show you how it works.

First of all, one RSIM It is a special SIM card, which is used in order to unlock mobile phones so that they can be used in any network of operators.

These cards are very popular all over the world, and all thanks to their effectiveness in avoiding restrictions that have been imposed by network operators and manufacturers.

With this, people will be able to use their smartphones with any network they choose.

Additional uses of the RSIM

In addition to being used to unlock smart devices, an RSIM can be used to access various additional features and functions of mobile devices.

In many scenarios, RSIMs achieve activate the “Dual SIM” functionality, that allows users to use two SIM cards in a single mobile. This can be very useful for those who have two SIMs, either for work or personal life reasons.

One of the best features of an RSIM is that it has the ability to to unlock 4G network on smart phones that could only use the 3G network.

This feature will be particularly useful for users residing in areas where the 4G network does not arrive.

Installation method of an RSIM

Steps to install an RSIM for iPhone

Continuing our post about what is an RSIM, you should be aware that these cards tend to share the size of traditional SIMs.

However, they are thinner than ordinary SIMs, so the installation will not be very complicated. If you want to install an RSIM on your iPhone, all you have to do is:

  • To install this RSIM you will only have to place it in the SIM holder tray of the iPhone.
  • After you do, put the SIM of your operator above the RSIM.
  • When you have installed it, the RSIM will intervene in the communication of the SIM with the iPhone, and a firmware will be executed that will trick the mobile to bypass the blockades of the operators.

After you have installed it on your iPhone, you will have to enter a code in the “Phone” app» of the Apple operating system.

This code is usually provided by the manufacturer and with it, you can select the telephone operator that you prefer

After selecting the operator, proceed to restart the iPhone and turn it back on. When you turn it back on, a message indicating “wrong sim” will not appear» Well, the iPhone will recover coverage and you can start using it with the new company.

Advantages of using an RSIM

Among the main advantages of using one of these iPhone cards, you will find:

less cost

One of the best aspects of using an RSIM, It’s the money saved that comes with it. The cost of acquiring an RSIM will be much cheaper to opt for an official unlock made in an operator.

network unlock

The RSIM may activate any locked device, including an iPhone. As a result, you will be able to use any network you select.


These cards are compatible with most of Apple mobiles. In fact, they will work regardless of operating system updates.

Compatibility with international carriers

Likewise, the RSIM are compatible with operators from different countries, so the iPhone will work without problems.

It will continue to work just like a device that has been factory unlocked, both in sending messages, making calls and using data.

No need to jailbreak

You should not resort to a Jailbreak when you want to use an RSIM. The process called Jailbreak is a procedure used to remove various limitations that Apple imposes on its devices, but this will not be necessary with RSIM.

Disadvantages of using an RSIM

SIM tray for iPhone

Now that you know the definition of RSIM and its advantages, it is time for you to know what its negative aspects are:

They are not compatible with Android

Its use It is exclusive to Apple devices, so if you consider using it with an Android device, it will not work.

Your unlock is temporary

Unlocking of RSIM cards It’s only temporary Well, Apple continues to work on different activation algorithms that will block devices such as RSIM.

To continue using RSIM, you will have to wait for the new version of these cards so that your iPhone can be unlocked again.

higher power consumption

When using an RSIM, you will notice a higher battery consumption, so the battery life of your iPhone will be less, since it demands more energy than a common SIM.

As you can see, an RSIM can be very useful for users of Apple devices, and if you dare to use one, you will already know what to do to make it work.

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