What is better for telecommuting, a PC or a Raspberry Pi 4?

There are several reasons why a Raspberry Pi is better for teleworking than a PC. The first is that its design is very compact and with the correct box, we can install it behind the monitor. Another of its strengths is that we can take it anywhere, since it barely takes up space. It is also a system with extremely low consumption, which will allow us to save on electricity. And finally, it is a highly versatile device that offers us an infinite world of possibilities beyond teleworking and browsing.

Raspberry Pi 4 8GB, a luxury option

More and more people are opting for one of these compact boards, with everything to have them as their main PC. They offer plenty of power for telecommuting, browsing or as a media center. One of its great strengths is low consumption, something that will allow us to save on the electricity bill.

This pocket computer has a design processor ARM big.LITTLE quad core. It is complemented by 8GB of RAM, which is currently the minimum we should ask of any system.

The Raspberry Pi 4 is not bad in terms of connectivity. It has two micro HDMI ports that support video in 4K resolution, in case we want to work with two screens. It has a 3.5mm jack connector, two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports and a Gigabit Ethernet port. If this seems little to you, it has support for Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0. Power is provided through a USB-C port, so a smartphone charger is more than enough.

It has two problems, the Raspberry Pi 4 8GB. The first is that the ideal is to install a Linux-based operating system. We can install a Lite version of Windows 10, but it can be a bit heavy. We shouldn’t have any problems with Linux, as peripheral compatibility is high. Regarding the software, as alternatives to Microsoft Office we have Open Office and Libre Office, which are very complete and have nothing to envy to the Microsoft suite.

The biggest problem is in the price of these pocket computers. Due to supply and transport problems, its price has doubled, being twice the price of a few months ago.

Digitalkey Case Alloy for Raspberry Pi

Really having a box to house our Raspberry Pi is optional, but it is interesting. The first reason is for refrigeration, since it will help to work at a better temperature. In addition, this chosen box allows the VESA mountor what is the same, we can hide it behind our screen or monitor.

This box comes with passive heatsinks for the processor, memory, network controller, and USB ports. In addition, it has a fan that allows to reduce the temperature of these components. With this we will ensure that there are no temperature problems and the performance is always the best.

As we said, what this box allows is to install our Raspberry Pi behind the screen. This leaves the artboard quite uncluttered. The box is compatible with 75×75 and 100×100 VESA mounts, being compatible with any monitor and even television on the market.

Samsung Evo Plus 128GB microSD card

The Raspberry Pi 4 usually comes with a memory card, but it is of a very small capacity. It is always interesting to choose to buy a 128GB memory card, to have plenty of space to install the operating system and the necessary utilities for telecommuting.

We have chosen this Samsung microSD memory because it meets the minimum recommended capacity and because it is from a recognized manufacturer. In addition, this memory card offers us reading speeds of up to 100MB/swhich is within more than acceptable values.

Trust Ymo Keyboard and Mouse Combo

This set of Trust peripherals is one of the best and cheapest options on the market. It has been specifically designed for office automation and telecommuting functions. It has multimedia and office keys, and is also resistant to liquids.

It is characterized by being a highly silent keyboard, to avoid disturbances as much as possible while we work. It has 13 specific function keys for office automation and multimedia. The keyboard has an adjustable angle design according to the needs.

Regarding the mouse, it has a button that allows you to vary the scrolling speed based on the preconfigured profiles. It has rubber sides to prevent it from slipping while we are using it.

It comes with a USB Bluetooth adapter to connect both peripherals. It is possibly one of the best combinations of keyboard and mouse that we can find in the market for telecommuting.

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