What is happening in Sudan and with the coup that shook the country?

Last October 25, a group of soldiers from Sudan arrested the first Minister, Adballa Hamdok, his wife and some other members of his cabinet to take control of the country of Africa giving rise to a coup, which has already left fatalities and hundreds of injuries during the protests uninterrupted.

The tension in the African country has alarmed the international community. state United and the United Nations (UN) have called for an end to violence in order to avoid a war civil that detonates a grave crisis humanitarian. Here we explain what is happening in Sudan and the reasons for coup and the demonstrations in the country.

How did the current problem start?

After 30 years in power under the figure of a dictator, Omar al Bashir was overthrown in 2019 after a coup which was supported by Islamist groups; he was detained by the army and finally dismissed.

In the absence of a leader in Sudan, the armed forces and civil society reached an agreement to create a Sovereign Council to jointly lead the country, leaving as a key figure and Prime Minister to Abdalla hamdok and the head of the Armed forces, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan to bring the transition period to fruition.

However, disagreements between armed forces and the civil government have been constant since then, because while the state seeks to build national policies that favor the economic development, political and social of the country, the military demand that the reforms, far from solving problems, represent a setback.

Given this, the African people have demonstrated and denounce an abuse of power by the militia, which is why since July 2021 they took to the streets of Khartoum, capital of Sudan, to demand a democratic transition towards a civil mandate.

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Military take power

In the agreement signed for the transition of power in Sudan it was concluded that the tip military would take the reins of the country during the first twenty-one months and after that, the government civil I would do the same during the next year and a half.

However, a few weeks before the army was due to hand over power, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, head of the armed forces of Sudan, dissolved the Sovereign Council and the transitional government, declaring a state of emergency and ensuring that the militia would remain in charge until elections democratic programs programmed for July 2023.

Therefore, the past October 25, a group of military they kidnapped to the first Minister, Adballa Hamdok, and other members of his cabinet to prevent them from rejecting the movement and to clear the way for the militarization from the country.

This did not sit well with Sudanese society and hundreds of protesters they took to the streets to protest; some to support the army and others demanding the democratic transition that had been promised two years ago. The clashes have already left more than one ten from dead and more of 140 wounded, mainly from protesters who rejected the knock military.

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The international community reacts

The problems escalated precipitously in a matter of hours and set off the alarms in the community international. The general secretary of the UN and the governments of USA, United Kingdom, the African union, the European Union and the Arab league condemned the actions and showed concern for the coup in Sudan.

World authorities called for the release immediate of the detainees and USA suspended the economical support of 700 million dollars that was destined to support the democratic transition from the African country; however, the military has ignored it and the protests continue.

And although some local media reports assure that the first Minister was transferred to his home as house arrest, the conditions in which it is found have not yet been specified.

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