What is InnovaGirona, the province’s virtual innovation community

For a few months, there has been a Project in which companies, public administrations, civil society entities and research and innovation agents from Girona can participate to collaboratively solve the innovation challenges posed by the members of the platform.

Is about InnovaGironaa virtual community created through the Nectios platform, which is presented as an open space for digital collaboration and innovation in which to share knowledge, participate in projects and connect with agents in the territory.

The community thus becomes a meeting space where you can interact with other users. InnovaGirona is looking for the generation of results in the form of projects, ideas, solutions or events, among other options. Companies, associations, professionals, clusters, local administration, technology centers, university and research staff, citizens, entrepreneurs… can participate in this community.

On the other hand, the project allows knowing the activity of the innovative ecosystem of the territory, and allows the different actors of the sector to collaborate in participatory projects, pose challenges or provide solutions, participate in forums, offer or request services, attend events… Open innovation is at the core of its management modelin which companies and institutions collaborate, cooperate and jointly create products, services or processes.

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The community has the collaboration of the University of Girona, the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Diputación de Girona and the European Fund for Regional Development of the European Union.

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