What is it about Cult of the Lamb that everyone loves about this game?

There are games that are born standing up and that seem to with little they do they are able to like everyone. Cult of the Lamb is one of them, after a successful launch last summer that has convinced more than a million gamers all over the world, where it has shown all its virtues on platforms such as PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Will you be able to resist this cult of lambs?

The simplicity of a lamb

As we tell you, there are games that practically from the moment they set foot on the market, it is known that they are going to succeed, and that in addition it will not take a million-dollar marketing campaign because it will be the opinions of the gamers and the word of mouth that will work the miracle. And that is precisely what has happened with Cult of the Lamban approach as original as it is fun that also has an artistic and gameplay one of those that hook you and do not let go.

History takes us by the hand until the life of a lamb that has too many hidden sins in the closet and that he will have to settle accounts with the divinity on duty, managing to create a sect of faithful who follow him everywhere. A kind of new messiah capable of convincing his subjects to do everything he asks without question. And for this, we will have to try to encourage the creation of a commune where we must satisfy all the needs of these crazy followers: eat, drink, celebrate, pray, obey…

Thus, we will have to collect natural resources that our esplanade offers us and build new buildings and facilities with which to grow the population of faithful that we are releasing by that kind of abject underworld that surrounds and attacks us and that can take the form of any animal imaginable. A very wise mix of a strategy title with a simpler one of pure action through small labyrinthine scenarios that we visit screen by screen.

Two perfectly synchronized souls

As we tell you, the two parts that differentiate the gameplay from Cult of the Lamb They are great and complement each other perfectly. That of eliminating enemies to get more and more believers It’s just as great as the part where we have to strengthen their faith in their messiah (us) through radical re-education programs and homilies in the temples that are going to reinforce the spiritual bond that unites us with all the creatures we must care for.

Its technical and graphic section also helps, since the game is solved in a very intelligent way, with characters from a single dimension within a world that seemed to move in constant relief, like the old cut-outs from decades ago that were so surprising. So, at first Cult of the Lamb It enters our eyes and then, when it has us perfectly coaxed, it convinces us with its game dynamics that are a wonderful mix of genius.

And it is precisely at the confluence of all those great ideas where the pleasure of playing a few games with Cult of the Lamb By the way, you have it on sale on various platforms where it is for sale, so take advantage.

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