What is known about the iPhone SE 2022? This will be the cheap Apple mobile

2016, 2020, and 2022? If the analysts do not fail, this would be the year in which we would meet the iPhone SE 3rd generation, only two years after the previous one. Taking into account that its launch could be imminent, since even Apple has registered it with the Eurasian Economic Commission, we have to review what its news will be. And no, it has not been presented, but the leaks already tell us about their possible changes.

Is there room for amazing design?

We have been seeing interesting iPhone SE concepts evolved for years with a much more current design, even starting from the aesthetic base of the iPhone XR. Some renders even point to designs that more than one would like for the iPhone 14, but the reality will be quite different.

The iPhone SE are recycled versions of previous generations and that, although they have the latest components, in the aesthetic field they do not come to contribute anything disruptive. And it is true that the design of the ‘XR’ would fit this iPhone profile today, but there is no real report that points to that path and, at least this year, we will not see anything different in this section.

misconceptions iphone se 2022

iPhone SE 2022 concepts that will not see the light

The reality of this new iPhone SE

Already taking the most contrasted leaks, we can foresee that the iPhone SE of this 2022 incorporates a identical design to the previous one. We do not know if with some minor change such as possible new colors or something similar, but its form factor will be maintained with a glass back with a single lens and a front in which there would be pronounced frames accompanied by the already classic Home button with Touch ID.

The novelties would come inside, since it will be equipped with a chip A15 Bionic identical to that of the iPhone 13, also adding 5G connectivity and making it one of the cheapest mobile phones on the market to incorporate this technology. And it is that the price of 489 euros could continue to be that of this generation in its minimum storage capacity, which, except for surprise, will continue to be of 64GB. Unless Apple definitively bets on 128 GB and thus equals the minimum of its entire iPhone line.

iphone se 2020

iPhone SE 2020 from which the 2022 would be inspired

Little more can we expect from this terminal, although surely more than one expects a battery upgrade. Little has been said about this, but considering the small size of this device and the arrival of 5G, it does not seem that it will improve. In fact, not only would 5G represent greater consumption, but the modem itself where it is integrated would occupy a vital space inside the terminal that would prevent the battery from expanding there. We will see if the A15 chip manages to balance it out a bit, but it aims to have a very weak autonomy, just like the 2020 model.

Possible filing date

Mark Gurman, one of the most reputable analysts when it comes to Apple rumors, stated a few weeks ago that the apple company planned to broadcast a special event on March 8 in which, in addition to other new devices, the new iPhone SE would see the light.

We don’t know if this date will turn out to be true, but it doesn’t seem to be far off the mark from the reports coming from the supply chains. Except for major surprise, it will be in March or April at the latest when it is presented. The launch to the market could also take place imminently, since there have been no known delays in its manufacture and there could be plenty of units to satisfy the initial demand.

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