What is marketing? definition, how it works and keys

If you are interested in knowing how sales work and how to improve the performance of your business, you are probably interested in knowing what Marketing is. The concept of marketing can be easily summarized in the translation of the word ‘marketing’, which basically incorporates the strategies that we put into practice in order to sell a product or service.

As you know, many factors are involved in a sale that must be assessed during the process, so that, after making comparisons and measurements, we can determine which is the best strategy. Some experts define Marketing as a science that explores how to satisfy the need of a market.

As consumers, we are faced with a large number of brands, and the initial trust we place in them does not stem from experimentation, but from the reputation, trust and projections of satisfying the need that they provide. Marketing is responsible for capturing, studying and executing those stimuli that are capable of generating a purchase action by a user.

Elements on which Marketing is based

Marketing is involved in any exchange action. And, to understand how this science can be applied, we need to understand what are the most important elements that define the execution of a strategy.

  • The price: The value of our product is usually the main generator of comparisons, but with the price we can create strategies for offers, promotions and rewards that allow users to feel attracted to our alternative.
  • Square: It is the area or space in which our product is marketed. Place also often involves the means of distribution, and how easy it will be for the user to access our product or service.
  • Product: An attractive and striking appearance, the correct presentation and the most detailed information make a product easily obtainable by a new consumer or client.
  • Promotion: This is where Marketing techniques make sense, as they define the route that our campaign will take to make our brand visible and available to everyone. It can be done through digital means or off-line techniques.

What are the keys to Marketing?

In other words, the objectives of Marketing are mainly focused on 5 basic aspects that we will mention below:

  • Sales: Although it seems obvious, this is the main objective of applying a marketing campaign, since sales translate into greater profitability for our business.
  • Loyalty: Once the customer has accessed our target brand or service, we must encourage them to make a new purchase.
  • Visibility: Through a successful campaign, a service, business or product, you can be more visible on the web or in the main market places.
  • brand management: Managing a consistent and solid image, capable of gaining the trust of customers, is part of what the team behind a marketing campaign must assume.
  • Generate Links: A brand must be able to create bonds of cordiality and good service with each of its customers. For sales to be carried out smoothly, good treatment is a constant that should not be missing in any Marketing campaign.

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