What is Metasoccer: when FIFA FUT and the Metaverse shake hands

The football metaverse arrives

Football, NFTs and cryptocurrencies. We shake a little, we serve in a cup similar to FIFA Ultimate Team and we have MetaSoccer, the first soccer metaverse that has landed on the Web3. Metasoccer is an initiative of businessmen Marc Cercós, Patxi Barrios and Alex Fiestas, which raised 2.3 million dollars in its first round of financing.

The idea of MetaSoccer is that their players can replicate the real market of soccer players. Unlike FIFA Ultimate Team, where players repeat with different scores, MetaSoccer turns every real football player who agrees to be in the game into a NFT. A unique piece that can only be signed by a club.

metasoccer football

in the purest style Axie Infinitythe players of MetaSoccer will be able train your NFTs to improve their levels and have more opportunities in the face of new clashes. In the words of Patxi Barrios, «MetaSoccer is a new milestone for world football and for Web3. We are very excited about our alpha release, and the players and partners we have brought on board. At MetaSoccer, we envision a new category of soccer: a metaverse of soccer. MetaSoccer clubs will be able to earn at the same level as a professional club in the real world through sponsorships, while all footballers will be part of the exclusive playable collection of licensed NFTs».

Other play-to-earn?

metasoccer play to earn

Yes. The players of MetaSoccer will have to use a token, the MSU, to buy its players in the video game market. Afterwards, each player will get a reward in each game in the form of this token. The price of the coin is currently around 10 cents on the dollar, and its price has held up quite a bit over the last few days, despite the huge shake-up the market has experienced.

Will the game have a future?

metasoccer game

Time will tell but yeah MetaSoccer If you want to succeed, the first requirement you must meet is to be fun. and the games play-to-earn have not met this minimum to date.

This system is only useful at speculativeand we have already seen that in games like Axie Infinityone of the most widespread and that has not been able to maintain its quotas within the game at the moment in which players have stopped entering the platform.

On the other hand, if FIFA Ultimate Team has already been criticized for promoting gambling addiction, proposals like these must be looked at in much more detail, since it not only replicates its system, but also introduces various elements such as cryptocurrencies or NFTs that are highly volatile , and that they make the title be perceived more as a way of investing than as a video game to have a good time.

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